Friday, September 25, 2015

Akagi Chapter 90

It's Akagi's Kinichi today! And what better way to commemorate the occasion than by finishing off the final chapter in the gap in early Akagi! Now everyone who's been waiting can marathon all the way through the next 20 volumes!! How exciting!

Thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Biggums for the cleans. This Saturday is Akagi's Kinichi, and to celebrate I'll be raising the stakes at mahjong night on the IRC to include a "Binta", and extra bet on top of the regular uma bets! If you've never been to mahjong night before, this is the perfect day to start, since your points can't go below 0! I'll also be streaming Usagi for PS2 this sunday.

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"However, reality is often cruel."

I've had people ask why Akagi didn't just take the 1-4-7 man wait to get the direct hit on Washizu once he played the 1-man, and it stumped me for a little bit too, but looking at Akagi's hand I think I've found the answer. Look at the shape of Akagi's winning hand from Washizu's perspective:

(5-pin) (5-pin) (???) (4-pin) (4-pin) (???) (???) (5-man) (4-man) (3-man) (3-man) (???) (1-man)

What's the first hand that comes to mind? Is Akagi's 3-man and 6-man wait the obvious choice? I don't think so. Considering that Akagi dared to riichi on this hand, it would make much more sense for it to be this shape:

(5-pin) (5-pin) (5-pin) (4-pin) (4-pin) (7-man) (6-man) (5-man) (4-man) (3-man) (3-man) (2-man) (1-man)

This would be a 3-sided wait on 2-, 5-, and 8-man. It's the ideal shape, and has the most outs for Yasuoka to draw on his next turn. I think Washizu, surmising that Akagi was making a desperate gamble, felt certain Akagi's hand was like that, so he felt sure that both the 1-man and 3-man would pass. It didn't even occur to him that that tile he thought was a 7-man was actually a 4-pin and it was a 6-man and 3-man wait with few outs left to be drawn by Yasuoka. Also, the 1-man he'd have to play was a safe tile against Akagi, since he played it to Riichi. Now what if Akagi had kept that 1-man and played the 3-man instead? His hand would look like this to Washizu:

(5-pin) (5-pin) (???) (4-pin) (4-pin) (???) (???) (5-man) (4-man) (3-man) (???) (1-man) (1-man)

What comes to mind looking at this hand? Why, exactly what it would be, a 1-4-7 man wait. The only other possible wait would be a double wait on the 1-man and 4-pin or 5-pin. The 1-man is extremely dangerous against this hand, so he would not have played it in this instance. So the answer is, if Akagi were waiting on 1-4-7 man, the 1-man would not come out and he'd be stuck trying to draw it before Washizu drew his 2-man. I imagine Fukumoto-sensei just didn't have space to explain it all, but looking at it it's pretty clear.

Thanks to the donator who made this all possible, and I hope you enjoy this chapter and the rest to come!!


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you i'm the anonymus donor guy annd i'm so happy to get to read Akagi finally :) :) :) :3 :3 :3 you're the man

  2. that's my weekend sorted then

  3. "...didn't have space to explain it all"

    Lol, compare that with the current pacing of Akagi.

  4. Why is no one talking about the fact that the 10 hour live action Akagi TV Series was ESSENTIALLY one gigantic promotion set up to sell the manga?

    1. It was quite enjoyable. A slightly different condensed take on the whole thing. Wish they would do a live action version of Ten instead though.

  5. I hope they make a second season of Akagi once the manga finishes the South 4th

    THEN I want a Ten anime

    1. yeah that would be the ideal. Also more seasons of Kaiji.

  6. Thanks as always for the great effort! Now there's no excuse to re-catch up, back from chapter 1

  7. Thank you very much for translation. Will you make a complete 10th volume pack for download?