Friday, September 4, 2015

Akagi Chapter 87

Looks like our Kazuya-Hen releases are in synch with our old Akagi releases in terms of chapter numbers! But that doesn't matter at all. Here's a new chapter for you.

Thanks to Tambur for typesetting and to Crump for cleaning. We are having a Mahjong Tournament to decide a new volume of manga for me to translate, and signups are open now! I'll be streaming Twitch Plays Mahjong this Sunday at 2:00 PM PST, and there will be a mahjong night this Saturday at 3:00 PM PST!

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"But... it was no good!"

The scans were so dark this time that I felt I had to let you know what the opaque tiles were since you couldn't really see them with this quality. The line "But... it was no good!" is a literal translation of "が...ダメ...!" which is actually a FKMT meme in Japan. FKMT uses it a lot, especially in this part of Akagi for some reason. I don't always translate it the same way so it probably won't catch on as a meme for english readers. Only 4 more chapters now!


  1. Woohoo thanks a lot!

  2. After you bridge the gap, how many untranslated chapters will be left?

  3. Do you have plans to translate the first part of Kaiji?

    1. No, Kaiji part 1 is fully translated and available for purchase here:

  4. I had no idea it had been fully translated. I hope I can buy it even though I'm in the UK