Thursday, September 17, 2015

Akagi Chapter 259

Chapter 259 of Akagi is now up! In this chapter, we find out what has been happening for the last 258 chapters!!

Thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Crump for the cleans. Tomorrow is the big tournament! Be sure to make sure you know when your game is; I've changed the schedule since yesterday!! No stream or mahjong night this week.

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"There is simply no way this demon would let that happen!"

So pretty much nothing happened this chapter. I didn't know manga had recap episodes, too! I guess it'd make sense that Washizu would need a refresher, but cmon, they could've skipped over the explanation. At least we know that Washizu's going to try to win the hand in this round, rather than just folding the whole way through. But that's about all we got out of this chapter. Next time maybe we'll see what the dora is! Maybe.

So probably the star of the chapter is the brand new credits page by TA! Thanks a lot to her, as always!!


  1. Oh my god, the pacing is only gonna get worse from now on, isn't it?

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  3. Akagi has been my favorite every since I watched the Anime and later on discovered the manga. Thank you so much for translating the series! You deserve lots of hugs / Daniel

  4. Loving the credits page. Someone needs to kickstart a FKMT tarot deck Major competition for the Emperor arcanum though.

  5. What will happen if Akagi wins off a direct hit or tsumo, but doesn't catch up to Washizu? Will they both then die, because Washizu pays with blood for the direct hit, and Akagi pays with blood for not being behind in points?

    1. It should read "... and akagi pays with blood for BEING behind in points".

    2. The match is over when Akagi or Washizu die and the round payments don't happen because there is no one to pay so that wouldn't happen.
      But Washizu could survive the blood draw and die in ecstasy watching the Round Payment being taken from Akagi.

      This is a spin-off of TEN so stay away from that slight spoiler.

  6. So is this a chapter after a hiatus and that is why it was a recap or just Fukumoto spelling out all possibilities to slow the story down?

    Volume 30 is the latest Tankoban. But what is the latest serialized chapter?

    1. Akagi pretty much never goes on hiatus- it releases on the first of every month like clockwork.
      so yes it's the latter lol

      The latest serialized chapter is 277!

  7. The tournament was a good idea, sensible way to involve the community. You should do it annually (or bi-annually).

  8. It looks like the ending of the Washizu x Akagi battle is going to be very similar to the final battle in the mahjong of Legendary Gambler Tetsuya. In terms of points the main character has lost but in terms of Being Alive the main character wins.