Saturday, August 1, 2015

Middle Manager Tonegawa Chapter 2

What's this? Another chapter of everyone's favorite middle manager, that's what it is! Will Tonegawa keep his cool and actually get somewhere this time? Read on to find out.

Thanks to jatelion for the cleans, and Kazuhiko for the typesetting. If you happen to catch this early, there is a mahjong day happening right now. Feel free to drop by the IRC and play some mahjong if you're into that.

Middle Manager Tonegawa Chapter 2

"The success or failure of this project...will directly reflect our value to the president!"

So yeah, as you can see from the very first snippet of hype text, this chapter ran along with chapter 3 back-to-back in last month's issue of Monthly Young Magazine. I split the two chapters up so that I could divide the work, and thus get it out more quickly. Chapter 3 will come soon, at the very least before the next chapter comes out.

So Tonegawa makes some good progress by deftly manipulating the crowd of blacksuits to become eager to volunteer ideas. I like how this chapter shows Tonegawa's strengths as a manager much more than his weaknesses, so that he isn't just portrayed as a bumbling buffoon. It shows how he climbed up the ranks in the company through his shrewd skills and observations. 
Looking at the list of ideas that the blacksuits came up with, I feel like it would be really interesting to see some of them turned into actual ideas in Zero or Kaiji. The university I went to actually had an annual game of real life mafia, which is pretty cool, but a high-stakes version with lives on the line could be riveting. You'll also notice a couple homages to other Fukumoto manga among the ideas, which is neat.


  1. YES! I've been waiting for more of this! Thank you so much FKMTKrazy <3


    I lost it so hard

  3. Real Shogi sounds so interesting! and human body puzzle too, man so many good twisted ideas in there, how would a deadly Uno work? XD, great chapter thanks a lot guys.

  4. p15.png has a typo in the second bubble.
    Tonegawa thinks "they're all yelling and and fussing", one "and" too many.

  5. This manga rocks. I love you guys for scanlating it.