Saturday, July 18, 2015

Akagi Chapter 77

Another chapter of Akagi is now up! In this chapter, Washizu has overtaken Akagi! How can Akagi turn his starting hand around to make a comeback?! Also, the Akagi live-action drama is now subbed and available for viewing on crunchyroll!! Click here to sign up for a premium account and watch it!

Thanks to Tambur for the cleans and typesetting, and to Crump for the help with redrawing! There is a mahjong night RIGHT NOW on the irc, and I will be streaming the first Usagi game tomorrow at 2:00 PM PST!

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  1. Waaaaaaaaaah
    I was like "why is everyone bashing the new death note drama ? It's not that bad after all ! There's a couple of really good scenes and you can feel that whoever wrote the screenplay was a fan of the original manga ! Ok ok.. there's a big problem with this adaptation.. ; kira is not a genius and it impact everything in the series from his plans (which don't work in this adaptation) to his respectability (he's seen as a nerd..) BUT you have to be content with what you got ! It's a decent drama and i'm sure there will be plenty of epic moment ! (an L is a badass ^^)"

    But now.. after having watched the first episode of this adaptation of akagi.. Just wahouh it's just perfect !
    No akward to watch acting (big problem in drama..) no shortening of the original story, no fillers etc..
    But that's not all !
    First of all the soundtrack is just sublime (did someone else heard the awesome drums solo played in the middle of akagi thought ? )
    Secondly the symbolism is just great ! The demons, the budhas.. the painting etc.. you can really feel that it's more than a simple game of majhong.
    And finally the direction in general is just great ! You can feel the tension, the choice to play music or to let an incomfortable silence .
    Did i mentions that the actors do a really good job making it seems "serious" ?
    With one bad actor the premisse of akagiwould have seemed too over the top or plain weird.
    But this just work ^^
    It's so good that I start to wonder if I could recommend this to those who want to start akagi ^^
    (only downside ; i start to see all the flaw in the new death note drama now..)

    1. Well from someone who never enjoyed some of what people call "legendary dramas", I really enjoyed it yeah.

      Everthing is lots of step up over the 1995/1996 akagi movies, the pace was great, the soundtrack was good (I still prefer the anime's for now, I wish they use the unreleased OST when needed).
      This is the first time I don't see actors OVERACTING everything.
      The beginning almost made me cry lol (and it was a splendid idea)

      Also the screen change when Ohgi is explaining things is nice.

      In may I was like "yeah I'll watch this for laugh" but this is honestly getting interresting

    2. I liked the first episode as well (especially the opening scene was a nice touch) for the reasons already stated, but to name a few criticisms:

      - I don't like Akagi's actor. There's nothing terribly wrong with the acting itself but he doesn't look like someone who can beat up 5 punks by himself. Too bishie.

      - The metaphor with Washizu standing at the summit looked goofy as hell. Although that's probably to be expected.

      - The blood looks unforgivably terrible, which is going to bug the hell out of me considering we're going to keep seeing it every episode. i mean, the tone is way too light.

    3. (Anon from the 4:50AM post)

      Yeah my complaints were the same, but somehow to be expected from a japanese drama, I was nearly laughing at the blood and summit scenes. I'm somewhat happy that with only 10 episodes they won't get to the Oni scene, it would probably have been terrible.

      Overall I found the lighting kind of too high I guess? It's really bright compared to the anime/manga.

      For Akagi's actor he was almost handpicked by Nobuyuki iirc? Well they like each other and Fukumoto found in him a very good actor and fan of his work, so it's fine hopefully? Looking forward to see more of him but yeah he was bishonen as hell, I can hardly see him taunting Washizu.

      From the interviews I found Washizu extremly jaded and uninterrested but he got better in the first episode so hopefully the production value will go up.

  2. Tonegawa 2 is out, go translate it you くず共やろう。