Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The New Kurosawa Chapter 33

Seems lately we've been on a bit of a food train with Kurosawa lately. I'm beginning to wonder when Kurosawa's gourmet cells are gonna evolve.

Thanks to Denji for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleans!

The New Kurosawa Chapter 33

 "We're truly blessed."

A new volume begins and with it a disturbing development. Guevara has been taken advantage of! Sold to the highest bidder known as greed! He has become a servant of the insatiable appetite known as, "The Gimmes." I want this, I need that, why does he get one, I need two, when do I get mine. It is endless. For a single man to tend to the many, there is a breaking point. If it was just words and taunts and jeers and simple insults, he may have been able to hold on. but to be thrust into the reality of the situation with a punch from our so called master of disrespect, his eyes may open. Who knows how he will react now. Find out next time on KuroZawa. 
Denji also was kind enough to explain some of the dishes that were mentioned in this chapter and created a whole page dedicated to explaining them. Check it out at the end of the chapter!


  1. Damn that's some expensive bento no wonder it looked so good, thanks Denji for the extra info!

    Wonder what Kurosawa's appetite demon would look like?

    Cliffhangers everywhere.

  2. hey this guy gives us free food without any obligation to do so!

    let's hassle him and complain, what could go wrong?

    Its crazy how complacent people can get but unfortunately i can't say that this isn't realistic

    1. Hey, these guys give us free translated manga without any obligation to do so!
      Let's hassle them an complain, what could go wrong?

      Yep, this shit is way too real.

  3. Awesome!!!! Thanks FKMTKrazy.