Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The New Kurosawa Chapter 31

And here we are again. This mysterious figure has me intrigued. What does he want?  Why is he hiding his face? Only one way to find out!

Thanks to Denji for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleans!

The New Kurosawa Chapter 31

"We weaklings will fight together!"

I definitely didn't see that coming. Rarely do good things happen to the downtrodden, but this was a welcome surprise. It's nice to see them in a good mood. Which is why I can see see Kurosawa beating himself up over acting aggressively towards their potential friend. Get it together Kurosawa!

Some nice info on bento boxes here. I had no idea that the recycling business in Japan was so strong. According to this article provided by Denji, this waste is used to make sure prices on meat and such stays down. Rising animal feed costs forced many farmers and meat processing plants to look for a second source of feed. Converting the waste to usable feed helped cut costs by 20%! Keeping these costs down ensures competitive food prices. Seeing as how there are many companies that cropped up because of this new model, it seems to be working very well. The waste created is not wasted, but recycled and re-used. Maybe if Kurosawa and gang snuck into one of the feed houses and dressed up as pigs they might catch a break. Although, I don't think I'd like a Kuro-Buta arc...


  1. A Kuro-Buta arc? just reading that is almost as painful as reading about an "executive poor card" those two are situations no one should experience.

    I still have this feeling that the mystery bento guy is somehow related to Kurosawa...

  2. Thank you again. :)

    Also, what Doomroar said! ("I still have this feeling that the mystery bento guy is somehow related to Kurosawa...")

  3. If anyone is interested in learning some South Amerigan gommie history, I can recommend Jon Lee Anderson's biographical book Che: A Revolutionary Life. It's the most complete and in-depth biography of the man available, lengthy (with tons of footnotes and citations too) but not dull, and virtually non-biased.
    There's also Soderbergh's 2-parter 'Che' starring Benicio Del Toro, pretty good.

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