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Kazuya-Hen Chapters 77-80

HELLOOOOOO KAIJI FANS! Tambur here! It's been a long time since we've seen any Kaiji chapters so I figured it was time we stoked the fires and got locomotion in motion! And what better way to do that than a quadruple release!

A big thanks to everyone who made this release possible. Sonickrazy for the translations, Crump Biggums, Pokpokpokel and myself on cleans, Biggums and Pokpokpokel on redrawing and again myself for the typesetting. Also a special thanks to Jatelion for making this release possible today instead of tomorrow with his cleans. To what he cleaned, well that's a surprise you'll see after chapter 80!

Kazuya-hen 77
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Kazuya-hen 80
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"Please! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! PICK ME!!!"

As things begin for the 15th round we see a bit of a calm. They are all thinking about doing their own thing. There are no ill thoughts to be seen in their minds. Everything is only thinking about pressing that button to move on to the 16th and final round. It seems like Kazuya had finally been beaten. All that was needed was for the savior to be picked and for the 15th round to begin. Who was to be picked as the savior...


Mitsuyama! The best of the two that could be picked. With him in that position the 15th match would be a throwaway match. With that match there would be nothing Kazuya could do to tempt and manipulate their hearts. However, in Mitsuyama's joyous celebration he let's slip a few dark phrases. In the wrong context they could be used terribly. Kazuya didn't let this opportunity slip! Quick manipulation is all it took. He planted the seeds of doubt once again! Now all he needed to do was wait for the seed to germinate and bloom. Mitsuyama's thoughts are an excellent soil and his doubts are a wonderful fertilizer. 

"I think I'll give Mitsuyama a bit of time... to think about what he's gonna do."

I've noticed at times Kazuya can be a pretty skilled manipulator. Like an outboxer he enters his opponent's space and deftly lands a few blows before retreating to safety before the opponent can land a blow. Just as Mitsuyama was about to clear up the situation he cuts the connection between them, leaving them deeply secluded in the senseless void. No one's thoughts but your own to confirm your own beliefs. Kaiji complains to Kazuya, but he deflects back saying that Mitsuyama showed his true colors to them. He truly is wishing to betray them deep down. Just as he was sure of himself Mitsuyama deflects back and pops him in the nose. A blow from the shadows. Kazuya can't believe that Mitsuyama would after all this still want to save them. But before the end, it seems Kazuya is up to something.

"He's got a motive now!"

Kazuya forms a solid plan. Mitsuyama can do nothing but wait for the game begins. Until then he will think about what happened. He will steel himself for the game while chanting he will save everyone. Through the chapter he starts to warp. To bend. To decay. To tear! His solid iron defense of friendship is compromised by his own thoughts! He thinks that truly nothing will go wrong. But doubt his been planted. and like a skilled gardener, Kazuya only needs to wait for the seed to bear fruit. The fruit that has come to bear is tainted black with doubt and confusion. Is there any way to save such a forgone harvest? Or does the fruit contain within a core of solid gold?

With that ends the 8th volume of Kazuya-hen. We look forward to continuing forward with volume 9 in the future!

As a special bonus Volume 8 contained within it the 500th chapter of Kaiji! Along with this came a plethora of artistic congratulations for Fukumoto. Many well known Mangaka are within. My favorite is George Morikawa, author of Hajime no Ippo. Til next time!


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  8. "But doubt his been planted. and like a skilled gardener, Kazuya only needs to wait for the seed to bear fruit. The fruit that has come to bear is tainted black with doubt and confusion. Is there any way to save such a forgone harvest? Or does the fruit contain within a core of solid gold?"

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