Friday, June 19, 2015

Akagi Chapter 73

That's right, not 273, 73. This was a commission from a donator who asked us to scanlate the missing 15 chapters in the middle of the manga, and I promised to deliver at least one chapter each week until we're caught up. So expect to be able to read the Washizu Arc from the beginning by October 2nd at the absolute latest.

Thanks very much to Tambur for helping me both clean and typeset this one, and to Crump for helping to clean it!

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"To die in the end is what mahjong is all about!"

Even though it took financial incentive to get me to do it, I was planning on translating the rest of this at some point. When I was translating these chapters originally I used the anime as a crutch to get me through the parts I wouldn't have understood, but I discovered that now, over 4 years later, it's easier to just translate it all directly than it is for me to try and match up the dialogue with the anime and figure it out that way. So I don't really know what's different in this chapter from the anime, though I imagine it wasn't very much.

It is also a bit of a shock to come back and see all these comparatively mellow expressions; it has a whole different feel at this point. Plus the art is really different, but that's to be expected. I considered translating it as "A Second Discard Pile" the whole way through since I never really translate it as Pond in my translations, but I figured that "the second pond" is so iconic at this point that it really can't be changed. 


  1. Oh my god, Washizu looks so different

  2. Ah, those times when a round could begin and end in the same chapter.

  3. If donations=getting chapters translated, how much would you want donated to translate the rest of Kaiji (up to the most recent volume release)?

    1. We're already doing that for free, there's going to be a release of it soon. If you want to donate towards it though, it might incentivize me to translate them faster.

  4. I didn't say anything immediately as I thought it would be quickly fixed, but you uploaded the wrong thing to Batoto.

  5. >Akagi Chapter 73
    >Akagi Chapter 247
    in front page.

    Really puts this arc into perspective

  6. Glad to hear you're doing these chapters.