Thursday, June 11, 2015

Akagi Chapter 246

Another exciting installment of Akagi is now upon us, and with it, a brand new saga of the Akagi series!! Who could even say what's going to happen next?! Except those who've read ahead, I mean.

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"I will never forget this humiliation, Akagi Shigeru!!"

So yeah, Washizu is a freaking badass for being able to still command his underlings on the verge of death. Akagi stepping on Washizu's head is probably going to come across as silly to western viewers, but in Japan it's a gesture of being vastly superior to whoever you're stepping on. Like an Emperor might step on the head of some peasant that's acting out of line or something. So Akagi doing it to Washizu is a HUGE deal, and it is VERY rude. So rude in fact that it causes Washizu to vow to return to exact his revenge for this rude gesture of Akagi's.

Now, something that is silly in any country is the concept of Whack-A-Mole of the Damned. Yes, this is the start of the infamous "Washizu in Hell" saga, complete with Oni and all sorts of other games of the damned. And yes, this is actually a thing.

I was very conflicted on how to handle the Oni in my translations. Should I just call them demons or ogres and try to do something similar with the rest of the references to Japanese mythology? I decided no, I'll just include a lengthy description of Oni and all the other things that western viewers might not know in the margins. Calling them demons, I feel, would be the same as saying that Washizu's fortune is 6 Million Dollars (60 million in modern times). Yes, it's roughly equivalent, and it would make more sense to the average western viewer, but it makes you forget that it takes place in japan and it's really not exactly the same. With the Oni, I feel it's even more important, because Oni are not demons, and they are not ogres, they are something in between. They inhabit Jigoku (hell) like Abrahamic demons, but they also are not pitchfork-weilding goblins with pointed tails.

I'll be clarifying this later, but Washizu is NOT in Hell, he is in Jigoku, the buddhist form of Hell. There are several minor differences, but I think I'll still translate it as Hell since that, at least, is similar enough to be equivalent. And yes, this is where we'll be for a long time to come.

Finally, in celebration of this new saga, the fantastic TA of has drawn us an incredible new credits page! I think it's very fitting indeed. Here's the original:


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