Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The New Kurosawa Chapter 28

Hello everyone! I think you can guess what I have for you today. A new Kurosawa, without further delay.

Thanks to Denji for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleans!

The New Kurosawa Chapter 28

"I don't have a single happy memory."

This chapter was a bit of a sleeper, in more ways than one. On one hand, you can look at it saying basically nothing happened at all. On the other, you learn a great deal about Kojiemon, and how sad his life has been. Honestly I've been waiting for Fukumoto to pull out these guns. Guns made of Feel. There are many things I like about how Fukumoto tells his stories. One of the main things I like is how he gets people invested emotionally in his characters. Looking at it from this perspective, we now know more about Kojiemon than anyone else in this story, besides Kurosawa and the people from the previous serialization. More than Boss, or even Sensei.

Kojiemon's emotional past really got me honestly. Some failures I've made in my life I have attributed to the fact that, that's just how it is. It wasn't me, but something unavoidable about myself. At times I'd be in denial about the fact that it was truly myself that was at fault, not the circumstances surrounding the problem. A life devoid of happiness is something I really can't, and don't want to, imagine. Kojiemon had a hard life. That's just how life is for some people. They glide through life with the fleeting pleasure that it gives them and don't put forth the effort. They take everything that is handed to them and don't try to think to much about it.

I'm gonna go cry in a corner with my Kojiemon body pillow now.


  1. Best chapter yet. This is very reminiscent of the original Kurosawa.

  2. This chapter hit me so hard. Fukumoto really is a master.

  3. This is the first chapter I've actually liked from this series. So far it's been all misunderstandings and gay jokes, which is not FKMT's specialty. He should stick with what he knows best: high-stakes gambling, visual metaphor, and feels.

  4. Loving the weekly Kurosawa and Akagi chapters, keep up the great work guys. Thanks for being so consistent.

  5. Although I do understand why people keep comparing this series with its prequel, I still feel that it's a slight mistake to compare those series heads on. Why? Because it's relatively easy to relate the sorrowful life that Kurosawa have when he was working as construction worker. After all, at some point, we all have the same experience of being not popular, wanting succeed but can't, wanting a girl but no one wants us.
    But, when we talk about this series story, it's just like mr. kurosawa said, "it's like a great river". We who never step in homeless world, will see their problem as an alien thing. Makes it difficult to relate, and in the end, hard to understand. And that's where Kujiemon's story of his past life , when he was young and "stupid", comes. It creates a bridge so that we can understand his current life. Hope this awesome series lead up to epic ending like the prequel did

  6. The surprising thing here, is that Kurosawa, he has mad psychic powers! just think about it, how much empathy do you need to have to actually go and read someone else that is literally walking in front of you? that's just unreal, if this chapter wasn't being narrated from Kojiemon's perspective i would have said this is old man Kuro just imagining all this up.

    Also a Kojiemon body pillow... just the thought of actually owning one of those is enough to send anyone crying into a corner.

    1. Yeah it seemed to me like jumping the shark a bit, but then I thought about it and he already knew a bit of Koejimon and saw he is wearing his mother's picture around his neck, so I bet he thought about him some time, imagining what his life was like, and in that moment where he is crying and shaking he had a flashback of his own thoughts and feelings and empathized with him.