Monday, May 11, 2015

HERO Chapters 8-10 Redo

Ok so I've been meaning to put these up for a long time now but I haven't had the time to go through and do a blog post, so I wound up procrastinating and whatnot. So instead of doing that, I'm going to just put them up and not really make much commentary on them... I doubt many people will read these new versions anyway since the old versions have been up for months. But I do intend on continuing with chapter 11. More information on what's up with redoing these chapters below the cut.

HERO Chapter 8
HERO Chapter 9
HERO Chapter 10

So yeah, rather than going through and doing commentary, I'm just going to answer the questions that I know are going to be asked.

Q: What happened to the old translators, Mahjong Feels?
A: I personally asked them if they would mind working on something else, as I felt their translations were not accurate or good enough. Hero is a series very close to my heart and I honestly felt a little betrayed that someone would put out translations of it without asking me. It was a request, not a demand, and after hearing my reasons they were willing to pass it back over to me, and pokpokel is personally helping to typeset HERO now.

Q: I thought the old translations were good! I understood them!
A: They were readable, and didn't have any huge errors that would change the way the story went, but there were little inconsistencies here and there, and the characters' dialogue wasn't how I envisioned it. I'm aware that to the average reader it doesn't matter at all, but I feel that it's important to keep it consistent with the previous translations of Volume 1.

Q: What took this release so long?
A: A combination of wanting to release all three at once and me being a little unenthusiastic about releasing something that probably not a lot of people would read due to previous translations existing. I've been busy with work and other series as well, which is why I'm not going to go through and write up commentary on all the chapters.

Q: Why are you redoing the chapters instead of jumping ahead to 11?
A: Because I think it's necessary to have these first three chapters done correctly, there were a few nuances that the original translations didn't pick up.

Q: How soon can we expect chapter 11?
A: I have no idea, it depends on how much free time I have (not a lot). But I promise you there will not be as big of a wait as there was between 7 and 8.

Q: Why didn't you do 8 yourself sooner?
A: I honestly had no idea that there were actually so many people who wanted more HERO. I had seen the occasional request, but there was such a backlash when we did the first volume that I figured it just wasn't popular enough. I had more requests for Washizu than for HERO. I personally love HERO and I want to do more of it, but I never thought anyone else wanted it so I didn't think it was worth my time.

Q: You're a dick! The other group was so much faster!
A: I kind of agree, I still feel bad about it, but I read the old chapters and they put me off so much that I felt I had to do something. I put a lot of thought into the chapters I translate, and I feel like to get a good translation you can't just put every word in a dictionary and try and piece it together, you have to work out how someone would really say it in English, which is different from how they say it in a word-for-word translation. So yeah, I apologize, but there was some passion driving my decision.


  1. Yeaaaaah! HERO!

  2. thx for the chap guys!

    I’d like to… which means the name of scanlator fkmtkrazy? '-'


    I'm so happy I can't put it in words. Thank you guys, seriously, from the bottom of my heart.

    Hero is like Akagi 2 so it's my favorite current FKMT series.


  4. Hiro fighting a blind mahjong master with his eyes closed? You bet there's a demand

    Thanks for the hard work

  5. Hero is awesome. Damn skippy I'll be reading these new translations, and I'm going to jump all over 11 as soon as it's released! Good looking out on this.

  6. Thanks. This translation is a significant improvement.
    Always looking forward to more Akagi/Hero/Washizu.