Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The New Kurosawa Chapter 24

Today we give praise for the one true Lord and Savior Kurosawa. I give thanks, with the only means I know how to give, A BRAND NEW CHAPTER!

The New Kurosawa Chapter 24

"That sort of talk is why you're such a failure!"

There comes a time in every homeless man's life when he has to ask himself the tough questions in life. Should I steal from this guy? He's got so much and I have so little, surely he wouldn't mind if one or two went missing! Many fall prey to this logic. However, one man's ethics is another man's tissue paper. Many care not for them and choose to do what it takes to survive. Because they don't have the luxury of ethics.

The Boss and Kurosawa Gang set out to find water after the faucet runs dry. According to Boss, and man by the name of Kojiemon has a rather hefty supply of water he procured before the faucet was turned off. Only problem is he's an iron-willed man who bows to no one. Convincing him to give up some of his water proves too much for Kurosawa. How will they secure an ample supply of water with this stubborn man in the way?


  1. There's a dick joke in the chapter. That's all I have to say. Also we're starting on volume 4 next week, yay! Volume 5 comes out at the end of May, meaning that the Kurosawa train should keep on chugging all throughout the summer.

    1. YES

    2. The Kurosawa train is one of the best trains to hitch a ride! great news it will keep running.

      Also that's an interesting head shape that Kojiemon fella has, is practically Fukumoto doing one of those shape challenges to come up wit it XD.