Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The New Kurosawa Chapter 21

Kurosawa coming through! I wouldn't be lying if I said I wanted to get my hands on a copy of "Buddha Loved a High School Girl."

Thanks to Denji for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleans!

The New Kurosawa Chapter 21

 So Boss decides to do a little blackmail eh? Well, I can understand his position. Being homeless and destitute is a terrible place to be. Living day to day with very little comfort can be awful. Boss however seemed to work out a nice system in the area. He led a crew of people who picked through things, which means he always got a piece of the action, no matter what was found. Living like that doesn't seem so awful. Once you get used to it, your 9-5 job becomes finding food and provisions and cover. You may not have the pleasantries that money gives you, but you are freed from certain worries that it also gives.

That being said, I side with Sensei and Kurosawa on this. Yes, what he is doing is breaking the law. But if you discover someone's dark secret, as long as it's something that isn't harmful to others, let it pass. Especially don't try to extort money out of them. They should burn them, or at least return them to the owner to give him the piece of mind of being able to take care of them properly. Here's hoping to another exciting chapter of Kurosawa next week!


  1. Fkmt has become a lot better at drawing female characters, Aida's wife and daughter look somewhat attractive.

    Besides that, great chapter. I love the image of old, homeless guys arguing and fighting on the street, discussing great philosophic concepts and life. I imagine someone passing by and asking "Why are you fighting?", "This guy thinks that people are inherently different and we live in a survival of the fittest world! Take this!".

    Also interesting how in the last chapter the guy who found the briefcase talked about how good they have it with their freedom and that the rich are actually suffering, but now he's the one suffering while they are enjoying life. Power changes people instantly.

    1. Are you really eyeing his daughter? she is like 5 or something... his wife on the other hand i agree Fukumoto has come ways on this drawing business.

  2. Thanks!
    What Boss wants to do is pretty twisted but I can understand it. It's about survival, after all.

  3. I am with boss in this one, he doesn't deserve his wife if he was unfaithful to her and being that smug too with the homeless isn't a good for him, at least if he was respectful it will be another story, and I can see what sensei is trying to say and yes he will cross that line wish will make him as he said dirty worthless trash...

    Thanks for all your hard works guys.

  4. Na the right thing to do is hand the magazines to the police, they will see if they let this illegal act of porn stacking pass or take action on it, from there on is not really their problem.
    If they burn the magazines they are accomplices, and if they blackmail the guy they are blackmailers, so just let the law take care of it, they are the ones that made up this whole situation of illegality.