Thursday, April 30, 2015

Akagi Chapters 238 & 239

And to finish out the volume, we present you with... A DOUBLE RELEASE OMGGGG! Yes, there was too much excitement in these chapters to not release them together! This time, find out if Akagi is really going to pass on Washizu's second pei, and if so, why!!!

Thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Crump for being a super duper trooper and getting two cleans done in one week. God dammit that guy is awesome. I'll be streaming Mukoubuchi for PS2 this Sunday at 2:00 PM PST, and there will be a mahjong night on the irc this Saturday at 3:00 PM PST.

Chapter 238
Chapter 239

 "A dumbfounding, empty-headed, sad, sad mistake!!"

So yes, Akagi will pass on the Pei, but for what reason? As Ohgi says, Washizu's last turn is gone, and of course he can no longer Tsumo because all of his outs are in the discards or Washizu's hand. People have been mentioning Akagi calling chi to get the 1-man for chanta, but if he did that he couldn't keep his Pei wait due to the rule of mahjong that states you cannot chi with an incomplete sequence and then play a tile that would complete that sequence. For example, you cannot chi on the 1 man from a 23 shape and then play the 4, as the 4 would complete the 23 making it a useless call. And that is exactly what he would have to do, meaning the 1-man chi is impossible. But let us not rule out...

"With just one more pull, I can get there!"

...A chi by Yasuoka! Yes, with this, the draw order has shifted to Washizu!! Yes, as I just said, there is no chi Akagi could have made to keep his tenpai AND shift the turn order due to the rule where you can't play, say, an 8-pin after calling chi on an 8-pin, so passing on Washizu's pei was entirely banking on drawing some tile that Yasuoka could chi. We haven't seen Yasuoka's hand yet, so there's no way of knowing how many outs he had left for this, but there can't have been very many. Truly, the intuition of the genius has let him upgrade his hand with Houtei Ron to the mangan that will kill Washizu!!

Now, the only question is, will Washizu still play the Pei? Or does he smell a rat...?


  1. Those were sure exciting! Thanks for the hard work on the double release!

  2. Thank you for the double release! The suspense would have been unbearable.

    I actually thought that this round would have ended at 238, but I wonder... if the manga is still on-going... and if Washizu loses this match and loses so much blood... then what more could happen after that?

    I'm excited to find out. Thanks always for the great quality and timely releases!

  3. Shifting the last discard with chi was pretty obvious at this point, but I thought Akagi was doing it in order to draw the 1-man to make a chanta (getting 9-pin being the first step towards it), but I guess it would have made his hand too obvious.

    1. Even with chanta, his hand is stuck at 8,000pts. He'd need two extra Han along with haitei to get more.

  4. Goddamnit, the suspense is so high right now I'm counting the seconds until next week so I can see how it plays out.

    Fukumoto, why are you doing this, I won't be able to sleep. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, OH MY GOD, RELEASE THE NEXT CHAPTER SOONER PLEASE!?

    Akagi on Tuesday, Kuro on Thursday, pleaseeeeeeee. Just for this week. ;_;

  5. Whatever happened to Pen Chan?

    It feels like he was once again dropped into the void and Kurosawa took his place