Thursday, April 16, 2015

Akagi Chapter 236

Akagi reveals the 9-pin, how will Washizu react?

As always Mahjong night will be this Saturday. Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"Did he realize Akagi's intent... His goal?!"

I can see the end in sight! 21 chapters this hand has lasted. Seemed like much longer to me to be honest. But it's not over yet! Akagi pulls a fast one on Washizu and wakes him from his stupor. Washizu instantly recognizes the danger this Dora poses. Washizu weighs his options and decides on completing his hand. That would be the best outcome of course. But it is instantly seen he is in no position to draw a win. But a Drawn game is an ever present danger that Ohgi is worrying very much about. If Washizu is able to get a safe tile he will have escaped. Broken through enemy lines and retreated back into his castle. It seems that such an occurrence is likely, given Washizu's face after drawing that opaque tile. What is it? What tile is it!?


  1. We're drawing nearer to catch up to Japan, this is beautiful, thank you guys.

    The suspense is unreal, FKMT master of tension.

  2. Will you fill in that one or two volume hole in the middle of this series when you finally catch up just for completion's sake?

  3. Thanks again for another great chapter.

    My guess is that Washizu pulled in the opaque 9-pin, and he's happy knowing that Akagi does not have 2 dora tiles.

    I'm really anxious to see what happens next! The upcoming chapter titles are making me think that things won't work out smoothly for Akagi, but then it seems like the only option for Akagi is to win with the Pei.

    Maybe Akagi will win on the Pei, but the game will continue to the 4th round, with both players in bad shape? (Hence the title of the last chapter?)

    In any case, I'm excited.

    Thanks again for your hard work!

  4. What do you guys mean by "upcoming chapter titles"? Has this all been released in Japan but just not been translated?

  5. There are like 30+ chapters behind japan right now.