Thursday, March 26, 2015

Akagi Chapter 233

Another chapter of Akagi hits the shelves! And in this chapter, we find out what tile Washizu plays from his hand of land mines...! Will it be Akagi's winning tile?!

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 "For a manipulator like me, it's the most dangerous tile he has!"

It's kind of a rare treat when we get any insight to Akagi's mindset at all, let alone a full chapter of nothing but that! Akagi clearly has a better understanding of the human psyche than just about anyone else alive, and although some might complain that Akagi talking about flow and sixth senses and the like makes this chapter less credible, you have to bear in mind that Akagi has seen flow in action himself, and definitely has a keen sixth sense for dangerous tiles himself.

What Akagi is talking about here is that Washizu may have stopped himself from playing the Pei were he fully composed, and if he felt he was still in danger. It's precisely because Akagi revealed that his hand could only be 3200 points that Washizu has let down his guard. From his perspective, I'm sure that this decision seemed pretty trivial, and even if he did sense from some part of himself that he shouldn't play the pei, logic told him that he should break the Pei out here since the other options weren't much better, and were in a lot of ways actually a fair bit worse. Besides him having 3 of the Pei in his hand so that the other Peis will pass if this one passes, Akagi may have been trying to form a Manzu Hon Itsu hand to this point, in which case it's more likely that he's waiting on a Manzu tile than an honor tile; Manzu tiles can be used up in sequences and pairs, whereas the only wait that Washizu could deal into with the Pei is a single wait on it.

But unfortunately for him, Akagi has exactly that: a single wait on the Pei. All that's left now is for Akagi to lay down his hand and take 320 ccs of Washizu's blood. We'll see how Washizu reacts next chapter.


  1. Finally he dealt in! And being able to follow Akagi's thoughts was really satisfying.

  2. But seeing how Akagi mentions the thought that one Pei passes means all three pass, I don't think he'll win yet. If he gets the last Xia the hand will be 2 han and (20+16+16)->60 fu for 3900.

    And if he draws the transparent 9pin and deals 6pin, he'll have 6400.

    If he gets both the Xia and the transparent 9pin, its 7700.

    So yeah, plenty of reason to believe Washizu will get rekt.

    1. Isn't he in Furiten for a full turn after not declaring a win? I thought the furiten becomes void after a full rotation is made which ends after the person who discarded the tiles discards again?

    2. Ah nvm Got my own question answered. Temporary Furiten is lifted after the player who was in temporary Furiten draws a tile.

    3. Don't forget Houtei Raoyui. The last tile rules are so wonky in Washizu that I don't even want to check, but it might be possible.

    4. Wait, what's wonky about the haitei rules?