Thursday, March 19, 2015

Akagi Chapter 232

A new Akagi has been prepared! This week, will we see Washizu deal into Akagi's hand, or is there something more to consider?

Sonickrazy will be streaming the Mukoubuchi film and translating as it goes on Sunday at 2 P.M, as well as the first two chapters of the Mukoubuchi game! Mahjong night will be at 3 P.M PST on saturday as usual. Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"I've scaled the mountain. The mountain of this match!"

The only thought in Washizu's mind is how to avoid death. He is thinking purely on how he can survive this match. The moment it was assured that he could not die from this match no matter what he relaxed immensely. Akagi notices this. We have had this idea pounded in us before many times in many of Fukumoto's mangas'. This idea of, "It's fine if I deal in." "Don't worry and just play it, I have the next round anyway." "It's not a big loss so I can just let it go."

Akagi sees these thoughts entering Washizu's brain. In a game where every drop of blood matters, thinking it's fine to just let it go, are what get people killed. Washizu needs a wake-up call and fast. He's stopped struggling for an answer and accepted the match for what it is. He'd almost be fine with dealing in at this rate.

As for Washizu's hand, I hadn't realized until I saw it, but he's got a great hand on him. Tenpai on a Chitoitsu Dora Dora. If Suzuki has a Chun Washizu could deal the Pei and then be dealt into immediately. Even more so, Washizu could potentially call riichi to reveal 2 ura doras. His hand could reach Haneman! He might not want to do that as it continues his dealer turn, but it would also get him out of this situation and increase his lead over Akagi even more. Only time will tell!


  1. Thank you so much in doing this although you get so little recognition for it

  2. Volume 26 batch when?

  3. Another amazing chapter.

  4. So many ways this hand could go.
    Washizu doesn't deal in.
    Washizu deals in and dies.
    Washizu deals in and survives.
    Washizu deals in and Akagi doesn't Ron and somehow forces a second honba because Washizu is tenpai?

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