Thursday, March 12, 2015

Akagi Chapter 231

It's another Akagi! In this chapter, will Washizu's 8-man pass against Akagi?! ...Yes, it will. We know this.

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"He brought himself out of the darkness!"

So I honestly was shocked by this twist when I first read it, I remember clearly. Just the fact that, by REVEALING a tile in his hand, Akagi makes the Pei much easier to play was just really awesome to me. Like everything in Washizu Mahjong tells you that more opaques is better, but this hand with one transparent tile actually has a much greater chance of winning than it would be with all opaque tiles. Of course Akagi had no way of controlling this, but I have no doubt he PLANNED for it. It's the thin thread that he mentioned a few chapters ago; if this tile had been opaque this hand would not work.

So I guess all I can really say other than that is that Washizu's statement that Akagi's hand can only be 3200 isn't necessarily true, if his tiles are (9p) (8p) (7p) .6p. (6p) (??) (??) then it could also be 6400. But in all probability (and in actuality), yes, it is 3200, so no matter what he plays Washizu should feel safe.


  1. Great chapter. By the way, whats going on with washizu's teeth on the cover? looks like a bunch of marshmellows.

  2. Fkmtkrazy have caught up to the point where I spoilered myself to. This is exciting!

  3. Looking at Washizu's hand, I can see him dealing in to avoid noten.