Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kazuya-hen Chapters 71 & 72

After a Kaiji break, we are back with more chapters.

Thanks for Sonickrazy for the translations, Crump Biggums for the cleans and Jatelion for the Redraws.

Kazuya-hen 71
Kazuya-hen 72

"The two in front of me... Are both hostages..."

A new volume with new happenings! Mario looked to be trapped in his instincts to survive VS hoping he can trust his friends with his life. I mean, how much do you really know someone? Someone you've known for 20 years can turn around can betray you, what's so wrong with someone you've only known a couple years making a decision that would set them for life? Sure they'll lose a couple friends, but for the rest of their life they'll be set. They'll make new friends and live a greatand rich life.

But could they live with themselves? Mario's life before coming to Japan was absolute despair. Born into destitution on Smoky Mountain.* He was rescued by incredible luck, which landed him in Japan. But with no connections and no knowledge of how to speak Japanese or of their culture, he wandered aimlessly through the city as a vagrant. Mitsuyama saw something in him and decided to pick him up to work in his restaurant. Through another incredible stroke of luck Mario was able to live a nearly normal life, with friends he always wished he had.

If he truly believes that he can trust them with his life, this decision will be easy. But giving your life to someone, even knowing you trust them 100%, is not an easy thing. Mario must make a decision if he truly honestly and wholeheartedly trusts them.



  1. Can we first catch up with Akagi and then come back to Kaiji?

    Thank you anyway.

  2. Fuck yeah!
    Now this is getting interesting, keep going as much as you can please! You're the best

  3. Love you! More Kaiji please :-*

  4. We inch closer to the finale

    Thanks guys, as much as I love Kaiji and would love to binge, this is probably a very a fair rate of release

  5. Oh, wow two chapters that were actually paced right

    Mario's Dilemma was pretty nicely illustrated here, even tough there is actually nothing to worry at all. If he pushes the button, the second to last player knows that the last player can push the button without fear. Based on Mitsuyamas and Changs reactions there is no way they are gonna betray their friends just for Money

    Of course this all just logical deduction from a safe place, you can't expect someone with their lives on the line to be calm and reasonable

  6. Oh hey, nothing nothing, but I'm pretty sure I, Crump Biggums, didn't have a thing to do with the cleans on these chapters.I think Jatelion did them but I'm not 100%

    1. I was under the impression that Tambur actually did those cleans, but it would be strange for him to overlook his own participation there.