Friday, January 9, 2015

Akagi Chapter 222

And we're back with more Akagi! In this chapter, we find out what the tile Washizu drew last chapter is! Will he draw in his 1-4 Man wait and win?! Or is it some other manzu tile?!

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"He cannot invade Akagi's fortress shrouded in darkness!"

So yeah, Washizu draws the 2-man which is exactly what he fears Akagi needs, so he's forced to go around it. But, as he suspected, Akagi is in fact in noten, but not as far from Tenpai as he suspects; he has a complete sequence and a pair so he's 1-shan-ten, or 2-shan-ten from a Manzu Hon Itsu hand. Nonetheless, he's still going to need to get to tenpai fast or else Washizu will win by just doing nothing.

Honestly, this is the obvious move by Washizu; you can't expect to see him push at all with his massive lead. All he has to fear is a Haneman Tsumo if he doesn't deal in, and Akagi's hand does not have potential for that at the moment. But it does give Akagi the room to develop his hand, so this is certainly the ideal development from Akagi's point of view.

Finally, the "line of fire" line is actually much simpler in the original Japanese. The title of the chapter is "本命" (Honmei), which literally means "Favorite Thing" but is used in games and gambling situations to mean "likely winner". I couldn't think of a way to make it sound good literally in context so I just replaced it with an expression that means roughly the same thing. Honmei appears a lot in FKMT stuff and I always have to kind of make something up on the spot for it because I can never figure out a short, literal way to translate it.


  1. Well at least he had one upper pinzu but damn I did not see that one coming

  2. I really hope Sonickrazy will skip Washizu Hell arc.

    Thanks for release.

    1. Why would you ever skip?

    2. You will see what I mean when we get there..

    3. I disagree.
      1. It's awesome, fuck you.
      2. There's only about 10 chapters currently out after the arc.
      3. Barely anything happens in those chapters.
      4. The transition would be so jarring it'd just make people want to read the arc.
      5. No seriously, it's awesome.

  3. So many new chapters recently! Thanks guys! You are the best.