Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Akagi Chapters 216 & 217

Yes, a double release! I actually got a little bit ahead of Tambur it looks like. But I may drop back down behind him because my workweek is looking very rough this week. So rough in fact that I will not be able to stream this Friday, I am working all day that day. I'd do it sunday instead, but I tried that before and nobody came :(

But anyway, here's the next two chapters of Akagi, in which the round starts at last! Thanks to TA for the cleans as always, and to Tambur for the typesetting, as always! Mahjong night will be this saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT).

Chapter 216
Chapter 217

"What's with that repulsive hand?!"

Last time we got an in-depth look at Akagi's hand, and this time we're doing the same for Washizu and Suzuki's hands. I don't have any problems with Washizu's strategy for the round of not calling at all, it's very sound considering that he's the dealer and winning would only give Akagi another Honba to work his magic. What he wants to do is just let Suzuki win and support him in that regard, but it looks like Suzuki's hand isn't in any sort of shape to let that happen. The second best option, then, is to just let the round get to a draw and be in noten so he can move the rounds along, but then that carries the risk of Akagi being in tenpai and getting some blood from him. But then AGAIN, if Suzuki is in tenpai, he won't have to lose blood. But regardless, it should be great to see if and how Akagi manages to take advantage of this mindset of just trying to get past this one round.

"Has a sprout grown from the ground...? The sprout of a miracle...!"

So one thing Fukumoto could have done for this round was not let us see Akagi's hand and have it be entirely from Washizu's perspective, letting us feel as shocked as he does when we find out what Akagi has been doing. But that we're seeing both players' hands might be even better; if you remember the part of the Urabe arc where Akagi riichi'd on a single Pei wait you know that seeing Akagi's hand as he does something ridiculous makes the payoff so sweet when we find out why he did it.

But it could be interesting if Washizu does, in fact, tsumo. He's the dealer so it would still leave us with another round, and while 1800 ccs is already lot of blood, it's not guaranteed that Akagi would die even at 1850 or 1900 ccs lost. Washizu's better out for Chanta, Menzen Tsumo would kill Akagi (3 han 30 fu is 2000 all, or -200 ccs), but his worse out would be Menzen Tsumo only. He hasn't riichi'd, so there's no way for it to explode with ura-dora, and menzen tsumo only would be 500 all, or -50 ccs. Akagi could still survive that, and we'd have yet another round of the Washizu Arc.

But that said, this certainly does feel like a round where Akagi will pull something, having Washizu just tsumo might be a bit of an anticlimax. It could happen, but I'm not sure if it would be the most dramatic development.


  1. 49 chapters away from catching up! Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Thanks a lot, your hard work is very appreciated.

  3. Any news on Kaiji?

  4. I think you missed one point on your analysis of this chapter: If Washizu does win this round, it will be one of the greatest twists in all Fukumoto.

  5. Can Washizu just ron from Suzuki, and then decline to continue his dealer turn?

  6. If we wins off of Suzuki or if he tsumos a win is a win he can not avoid another honoba