Sunday, October 12, 2014

Akagi Chapter 218

Yep, back with more Akagi. I don't think it would be right to just pretend the discussion in the comments last post didn't happen, so I guess I'll address it. The reason why I implied I wanted to focus on Akagi more than Kaiji is for several reasons, but most importantly because I just feel like Akagi is a better read per-chapter at the moment. Those of you who don't get mahjong probably can't see how, but I feel that, even though both series are going at roughly the same pace at the moment, Kaiji is just focusing solely on hitting home one idea really really hard while managing to throw hooks in an the end, while in Akagi there's a new development every chapter that they analyze a ton.

But that said, putting aside what I would LIKE to do, the reality is that we have quite a few kaiji cleans just laying around whereas we just ran through all of the available cleans for Akagi. So in the end I'll probably wind up catching up to the cleans we have for Kaiji, anyway. So I anticipate you'll see more Kaiji than Akagi for a while.

Now then, this chapter was brought to you by the lovely team of TA and Tambur. Mahjong night will be saturday at 3:00 PM PDT (23:00 GMT). I may or may not be streaming this Friday at 2:00 PM PDT (22:00 GMT), but if I am, it will be the last stream of Gantz PS2.

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This page would have been so much easier to word if it was a camel and not a donkey.

So Suzuki draws another 1-man and Washizu gets mad at him because his luck isn't the best or something. You might think nothing happened this chapter, but we did get to hear what the point is of Suzuki holding on to Washizu's winning tile... And I loved the snake and donkey metaphors in this chapter, I found them really fitting.


  1. Only Washizu could survive a snake in the brain. 48 chapters left, at least until the next one comes out in a couple weeks.

  2. I love Washizu's gleeful face in the Donkey-Metaphor. I wouldn't put it past him to do that for real.

  3. Looking forward to that Kaiji

  4. It seems like the trap will have something to do with Akagi's read on Suzuki's hand. If Suzuki were to discard the 1 man, then that would mean that Washizu can't be waiting on it, because Washizu would never give up the advantage of Suzuki dealing into his hand. So, it would obviously mean that whatever tile Suzuki kept to deal the 1 man is more important for Washizu's hand. By dealing the transparent 1 man while keeping the opaque 1 man, Washizu would in his mind be able to trick Akagi into thinking that the 1 man is a safe tile. It's a rather transparent trap for someone like Akagi, but we've seen Washizu set up similar traps before. It would also leave Washizu in furiten until his next draw. We haven't seen Akagi's hand for a few draws, so it's impossible to tell what sort of crazy plan he could pull off if Washizu put himself into furiten. That's all just speculation, though. Washizu could come up with something completely novel.

    1. I think that's what Washizu will try to do, but seeing as that's sorta obvious for Akagi, as you pointed out, my guess is that one of two things will happen, to make things more interesting:

      1) Suzuki will draw more 1-4m tiles, making tsumo difficult.
      2) Yasuoka gets tricked and deals a 1-4m.

      Either way, Washizu's trap will fail.

  5. Thanks for your hard work guys

  6. I love Akagi and I love you guys for translating it. Without you I would be sad. Thanks for your hard work!