Thursday, September 25, 2014

Akagi Chapter 213

So I may or may not be getting into some kind of groove here. We'll see. But either way, Akagi is back, and in this chapter, Akagi describes his thoughts after coming back from the dead, and instills a deathly fear in Washizu!

Thanks to TA for the faithful cleans in our absence, and to Tambur for the quick typesetting job! Tomorrow's the big day, Akagi's 15th Kinichi, so I'm gonna be doing a 24-hour stream here starting at 15:00 GMT (8:00 AM PST)! Here's the link to the schedule so you can pop in for your favorite part!

"I don't intend on having a South 4th Round."

So we're getting to that part of the manga (I guess we were there already) where things slow down a ton and every action is drawn out to take pages if not chapters. That's right, it's gonna be awesome! This chapter is mostly buildup for the South 3rd, with Akagi being his usual badass self and striking fear into Washizu's heart by claiming he's going to play a suicidal game of mahjong. Naturally we can take this to mean that he's going to take a lethal amount of blood from Washizu in this round, by any reckless, crazy means necessary. I'd be scared stiff if I were Washizu.

Of course, it's very interesting how Akagi thought the last round's bluff wasn't a backfire even though it nearly killed him. But it does go hand in hand with his MO of not caring whether he lives or dies, so if he risks his life and comes back alive, surely he'll get an appropriate payoff from that. But he sure was lucky that Washizu didn't take a look at his hand when he pushed it back into the draw pile or else that bluff really would've been nothing but backfire.


  1. I sure hope that anon comes through for Kaiji.

    1. Yeah, I do too...

    2. Same.

      Anyway, thanks for the Akagi translation.

  2. Great to see you maybe recovering a bit from being burned out. :) I love releases from FKMTkrazy.

  3. On the anniversary of his death, too.