Monday, June 9, 2014

Akagi Chapters 209-212

What, a quadruple release?! Yep! And this time, we're finishing up the volume! What will become of our dear Akagi? Let's find out, right now!

Thanks to TA and Jatelion for the great cleans, and to Tambur for the stellar typesetting. There will be a mahjong night this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC.

Chapter 209
Chapter 210
Chapter 211
Chapter 212

Volume 24 Batch

"I don't really care whether I live or die."

So in this chapter we verify that 1800 ccs normally means death, and discover that Akagi really doesn't care that much whether he lives or dies. I found it to be pretty shocking to actually hear from Akagi's mouth that he doesn't care about it; it was pretty clear from his actions but nonetheless came as a bit of a surprise to hear him admit. And Washizu saying how deeply he cares about Akagi's death drove it home for me. Now, will Akagi die? Will he?!

"You didn't think I actually died, did you? This is where the battle really begins!"

Now this is a very good chapter, we get to see what Akagi sees in his near-death experience and how all of Washizu's victims are there, as well. Now, I may be reaching a bit here, but I think this death sequence serves two purposes. First is the obvious one, that he's down in a deep, dark location where everything is deathly still, surrounded by ghosts of Washizu's victims that he is destined to join if he doesn't make it back to the surface. But the reason I think Fukumoto chose the sea floor specifically is as a callback to the manga-only Nakai arc, pictured left. In it, Nakai compares Akagi to an unusual species of fish that has senses completely alien to other species. And in the death sequence, Akagi is completely immobile, grounded to the ocean floor, helplessly observing the other fish swimming around him. My opinion is that this represents his detachment to the rest of the world; he feels out of place, an exceptional fish surrounded by normal fish that can't comprehend his genius. (SPOILERS: And if you've read Ten, he also mentions there that people return to the earth after they die, their atoms becoming other life forms and such, so you could see this as a representation of Akagi about to start the process that he himself describes).

But enough of that over-analysis, let's look at the fun parts of the chapter. Washizu's "O-ho...!" that brings us in and out of Akagi's dream is rather funny, especially how he beats his chest like an ape as he's doing it. And I like how Akagi just KNOWS the sunglasses belong to Hirayama even though they're pretty plain and not too memorable. And Akagi's revival sequence is great, it's probably the most excited we've ever seen him, and that grin of his is chilling. Sorry to everyone who thought this was the end of the series, we've still got a lot of mahjong left to go!

"It's all thanks to you I feel so alive!"

IT'S HEEEEEEERE!! Yes, it's the moment you've all been waiting for, where Washizu tries to strangle Akagi! So now that you've rushed to tumblr to take that image out of context, let me just say how awesome this whole chapter was for me. Akagi says that he's not really alive, and may have never been, but in the same breath says that he's never felt more alive than he does right now. And you can probably relate if you've ever been in a situation where your heart is beating quickly and there's adrenaline rushing through your head; it's a very exciting feeling. But at the same time, it's awesome to have Akagi get this excited considering how stoic he usually is, you can almost feel how excited he is even though he doesn't show much more than a wide smile. And for Washizu, this must feel like a nightmare. But more on that next chapter.

"In Italian, a Re! Re! Re! Re!!"

Do I really need to say anything about this chapter? Doesn't it speak for itself with how awesome it is? Yes, it does.

So our releases will be taking a short break from Akagi since this is the best stopping point we'll be getting for a while. Why are we stopping when it's getting this good? There's a reason, and it might become clear once you see what we're stopping it for. I won't say any more than that for now, you'll just have to wait and see.


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