Thursday, June 5, 2014

Akagi Chapters 206-208

Bam! A triple release of Akagi will bring us to the conclusion of this round! Can Washizu avoid drawing any of the 7's that could complete Akagi's hand?! Is Akagi even in Tenpai?!?!

Thanks to TA and Jatelion for the excellent cleans, and to Tambur for the very nice typesetting. Special thanks this time to Kazuhiko for looking the chapters over and doing a few fixes. There will be a mahjong night this Saturday at 22:00 GMT on the IRC.

Chapter 206
Chapter 207
Chapter 208

"Am I some errand boy?! Is that even an excuse?!"

Not a ton happens this chapter, Washizu beats himself up over his mistake and then goes to take his draw, where he finds a Manzu tile waiting for him, leaving us on a dreadful cliffhanger. I like where Washizu compares himself to an errand boy, it's kind of goofy but fits at the same time.


Washizu draws a Manzu tile... and it is... NOT THE 7-MAN! Filled with relief, Washizu is about to put the tile down when he realized that not only is it not the 7-Man, it's the 8-Man! And the 8-Man means... TSUMO! TSUMO!! TSUMO!!! TSUUUUMOOOOO!!!

So yeah, I'm sure a lot of people have been waiting for this moment, and there's probably going to be two camps, people who loved it and people who were disappointed that the first time Akagi lost blood since his first revival kind of happened by accident. You have to remember, though, that Akagi did this to himself. He was probably aware of the risks of letting Washizu draw again considering how lucky he still was, and it backfired. He wasn't even in Tenpai anyway, he was just aiming to scare Washizu out of his high, but now, all he can do is hope that the Ura-Dora does not hit Washizu! As long as it doesn't, he'll be fine! But if it does... if it does...!!

"Parting with you will be such sweet sorrow, Akagi...!!"

OHHH MYYYY GODDDDD I love seeing Washizu this happy, but at the same time I know this spells bad news for Akagi. I feel like even the people who are rooting for Washizu want Akagi to win at the same time, and it's going to be tremendously difficult at this point, if he even survives at all. I got a little emotional along with Washizu when he was spewing nothing but praise for his soon-to-be-dead opponent, it was awesome. By the by, that double page spread of Washizu's face looks more awesome in print than it does in scanned format; Washizu's nose is super wide and looks kind of goofy, but if you consider how it was supposed to be read in book format, it had to be that wide or else the center of his face would be cut off by the gutter of the book.

So it's all over, now. Akagi is a dead man. What will he say in his final moments? Find out next time!


  1. UGH, sorry about the goofy-looking extra spiky bubble part I accidentally left in floating off to the side in page 5 of 207- I usually check my cleans thoroughly before I send them, but that must've escaped me, my bad.

  2. Kind of an anticlimax, but it was a fun ride. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

    1. No problem. Glad you liked it! Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the chapters to end out the volume.


  4. I have to disagree with most of these comments and believe that this is not the end. Ohgi mentions in the middle of Ch. 207 that a haneman would draw Akagi to 1800 cc's and "That 1800 COULD be the lethal limit for him". Plus, as someone mentioned earlier, Washizu tsumoing this measly tanyao seems too anticlimatic, if he tsumoed triple yakuman or something, I'd be more convinced.

    So, in the meantime...GO GO Washizu!

  5. Pretty intense chapters, i'm still amazed how much the plot seems to move faster on Akagi in contrast to Kaiji. Granted not much did happen in these three chapters but it just kinda felt like "more"

    Now, how is Akagi going to survive this predicament? Personally i'm very suspiscious about these drinks he took. I have no idea how advanced Vitamin Drinks were at that time, but i guess it will give him just the tiny edge he needs

  6. I think Akagi is just going to power through losing 1800 cc of blood. I mean, he's not a normal human after all. This simply means there's no "safety net" left, so to speak.


  8. I doubt this is the end but with all that blood lost it's got to start taking it's toll, worse yet now there is just Washizu's and Suzuki dealer turns left and akagi still needs to take 800-900 pts off of Washizu. I do hope Akagi survives this as it didn't really have the feel of a final finishing blow like akagis last death did