Monday, June 2, 2014

Akagi Chapters 204 & 205

We've kept you waiting, but here's a double release of Akagi, with more on the way! In these chapters, can Washizu ride the momentum from his previous hand and score a quick win in this hand?! Sure looks like it!

Thanks to Jatelion for cleaning both chapters, and to Tambur for stepping up to continue typesetting Akagi. There will be a mahjong night this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC.

Chapter 204
Chapter 205

"The absurdity! Don't make me laugh!"

So Washizu is still on a high from his double riichi in the previous round, perhaps in part because he didn't see how close Akagi was. His starting hand is very favorable, and while he doesn't get to tenpai immediately, he makes it there on only his third draw, and is able to have Suzuki deal in immediately. Seeing no source of danger, he happily calls riichi with the full intent of having his hand dealt into for Ippatsu.

I love how we got to see Yasuoka's side of the action, with his strategy for the round overall. I almost wish we could've released this chapter alone so people would be able to speculate on what Yasuoka was thinking when he was caught looking at Washizu's hand. I do like how it shows both a 4-pin and 2-man in both players' hands to leave it up to interpretation, but I doubt anyone really stopped to think about which one Yasuoka was aiming for.

"Too late!"

So there's a couple things that happened this chapter, and rather than talking about them in order I think I'll save the more controversial one for last. So first, I absolutely adore how Akagi just took Washizu's sure win and turned it right back around on him by calling on the Dora. Now Washizu is scared stiff of drawing any of the 7's, thus ending his high of everything going right for him. Washizu's riichi last round was kind of iffy to be sure, but this round he had absolutely no reason to riichi. Not even a yakuman could close the gap between himself and Akagi in points, so unless he was planning on getting a Tsumo, Riichi did nothing for him.

But that is not to say that he just dumbly went into riichi without considering the danger. Washizu was on a high as I continue to say, and in this high of his he wants to make a power play and take advantage of his godly luck. If he had seen the 4-Pin in Yasuoka's hand I believe that he would not have gone into riichi. That might have shocked him back into reality and he would have realized that calling riichi would do nothing but put him in more danger.

So now, speaking of Yasuoka, I think the thing about him covering the 4-Pin up with his hand is the first act of cheating we've seen this whole arc. The whole point of transparent tiles is that you're supposed to have free view of 3/4 of your opponents' hands, and covering even one tile up negates the point of even having them. In the Washizu Mahjong tournament in holland they made it very clear that there was to be nothing that could get in the way of free view of each others' hands, and when I play it IRL everyone even turns the transparent tiles away from them or knocks them over to make it even easier to view the tiles. That Washizu didn't raise any complaints about this and merely was flabbergasted that Yasuoka would do it is rather interesting to me.

Now don't get me wrong, I think it was a great move. But I'm not going to sit here and say that it was perfectly legal and wonder why more people haven't covered up tiles in their hands. It's definitely cheating in my mind, which is not a bad thing, but kind of ends the purely-strategical streak that Washizu Mahjong has offered. Even if Washizu had called Yasuoka out on it he couldn't do anything, to be sure, because he'd have no proof that Yasuoka was covering up a tile. Just like how Akagi couldn't do anything about Ichikawa's cheating because it was too fast to stop and he left behind no evidence, and vice versa for Akagi's cheating. But it definitely WAS cheating, even if the manga doesn't frame it as such. Washizu could have asked Yasuoka to move his hand if he wanted to, but he didn't think to because it didn't cross his mind that someone would do that. /rant


  1. This seems like another Akagi bluff, but at the same time it seems entirely useless. Washizu's already in tenpai and he called riichi, so it's not like Akagi can mind game him into breaking up his hand. Washizu's going to play the same regardless. If this turns out to be a bluff then it's nothing but padding the story on Fukumoto's part.

  2. Awesome cover for 204 chapter. thank you, guys

  3. A little on the cheap side perhaps, but there are fortunes, lives and an odd arm in the balance. Guess its a little like obscuring your chip stack at poker table, it happens - you just have to move them into view when requested. Great chapters thanks, brutal cliffhanger though...

  4. Was it ever noted that you can't cover up your tiles with your hand?

    I mean sure it is a bit cheap but this is a life or death Gamble and if Washizu didn't specifiy all the rules it's his fault


  6. Given the draws happen 2 at a time it's really washisu's oversight for not remembering he drew it, maybe as his focus is in akagi or he is on a high from the previous round he simply wasn't paying attention to akagis relatively silent partner of late, overall I would guess that akagis hand at the moment as a bluff with the cop now having a similar wait to washisu as I doubt akagis would be relying on washisu's ridiculous and recently revived luck failing him

  7. Great stuff! I am of the camp that believes what Yasouka did was morally fine, and it was Washizu's fault for not catching him on it. I'm sure if Akagi tried to do the same and cover some of his tiles, Washizu would tell him to move his hand as that's against the rules of Washizu Mahjong, because he's so focused on Akagi's hand. Yasouka's hand, however, as we've heard before, Washizu doesn't give a hoot about. Washizu shouldn't have passed off Yasouka as a pile of garbage, he should have noticed that his hand was covering some tiles and called him out on it.

    Sorry for not getting any Kaiji cleans done lately, finals are starting up and I really have to focus on schoolwork. In about a week or so I'll be all done with finals, ready and eager to crank out more chapters.