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Kazuya-Hen Chapters 51 & 52 & 53

In just over a week, we have three more chapters of Kaiji for you! In these chapters, can Mario make it to the button in time?!

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Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53

"It overflows! The magma in their hearts!"

This chapter is pretty much just suspense and nothing else. Mario gets up almost at the end time and hits the buzzer after making his friends wait for what seems like an eternity. The movements that Chang does when he's jumping in his seat I can see being taken out of context a lot and mocked, but you have to remember that these guys are literally seconds away from being killed and can't do a damn thing about it. I don't think you could remain composed and stop yourself from looking silly under that kind of pressure. To be honest, I didn't really think Kaiji jumping up and down to try and find his tiles in Part 3 was all that funny for exactly the same reasons as I just explained, but everyone seems to mock it relentlessly and I'm sure it'll happen for this moment, too.

"For not goin' through with what he planned... It's gonna come back to bite him!"

More suspense in this chapter, and a long explanation of how Mario made it that could be explained in a much more timely fashion with just "The timer did not reach 1:01, so he did not fail". Kazuya still sees the worst in people as usual, we know that Kaiji's right in this situation but it certainly must seem like Kazuya's right from Mitsuyama and Chang's perspectives.

"Both hostages are gonna die!!"

Kazuya explains his opinions so thoroughly that there's not much I can add to them. It's cute how Kaiji just grabbed his face and told him to shut up, and Kazuya's eyes look very strange in that panel as well. Kaiji's not making a lot of sense; he seems to be inserting the correlation between Kazuya's predictions and reality where it actually isn't. So round 13, fittingly, appears to be the last round. Looks like everyone's gonna die... so the Savior selection process is especially important. Who will the survivor be?!


  1. Kazuya's full of it. The whole game probably would have turned out fine if he hadn't messed with the previous round, so he's not proving anything by having two of them die.

  2. Well they did cheat by Mitsuyama giving them that chant after the rules were explained. So the field needed to be leveled somehow.

    Also, Kaiji sure has been disrespectful toward Kazuya. I've noticed he's been calling him names through out this entire game. Retard! Idiot! Mother fucker! Yet Kazuya has taken it all in stride and remained quite respectful through Kaiji's raving. I've always liked that about Kaiji, how he just speaks his mind and tells people what he's thinking without holding back.

    1. I liked that about Kaiji too. And that's probably what Kazuya likes about him as well; he goes back to smiling. Kaiji is literally a breath of fresh air for Kazuya, that there's someone not afraid of his power.

    2. I don't believe it was ever even implied that the chant was cheating. If it was explicitly stated in the rules that they could not do something like the chant before their helmets were put on, wouldn't you think the henchmen would have told Kazuya before the game had even begun.? If Kazuya had considered such a scenario occurring, perhaps he would have included a rule against it (which I feel would be unfair since the faith and trust are fairly similar, and this is a game testing the trust between friends), but I guess he found the idea so stupid that he believed no group would ever try such a thing.

      I'd go as far as to say that it is impossible for the asian three to cheat in the salvation game. This really isn't some versus game between them and Kazuya like minefield mahjong or e-card. Kazuya's role is more like that of a moderator, and the if I had to guess the rules explained to the asian three in the back had more to do with how to win the game than what you can and can't do. Kazuya is the god of this game, and that is what makes the game flawed, as Kaiji has pointed out like a half dozen times so far. he manipulates to achieve and outcome in line with his twisted world view.

      If something like the chant is against the rules because they are supposed to be isolated, then why isn't their raised hand technique against the rules? They are literally signaling to each other, communicating when they are going to hit the button. Or how about when Mitsuyama was trying to explain what happened in round eleven. They couldn't hear him, but they could communicate. If I had to guess, talking isn't against the rules, because they talk all the time. Kazuya simply put up a barrier between them. There is a lot of interesting nuance in the salvation game like that.

    3. If you remember during their explanation earlier, Kazuya got confused as to why they were not starting to doubt each other, their faces still being stoic and trustworthy instead of being panicked and emotional. He specifically asked the henchmen if there was anything said before the game started. They said it wasn't really anything important they thought, so they decided not to mention it. When the henchman told Kazuya about Mitsuyama chanting at them and pounding the countdown into their heads, what do you think he did? He took a cigarette and burned that henchman in the hand. It was something obviously important to Kazuya and is explained pretty thoroughly in the story.

      Also, considering how the Henchmen reacted when Mitsuyama started chanting and talking to the others, they weren't supposed to be talking to each other. They were telling them to shut up and put on the helmets, AKA don't talk after the explanation, isolate yourselves now.

      I thought it was pretty straight forward how the manga described it. You should go back and re-read it. I can guarantee that they were told to put on their helmets after the explanation was over but Mitsuyama did that chant and went against them. That's why Kazuya was pissed. Because they circumvented the rules of the game by talking to each other after the rules were stated instead of being cut off from each other.

    4. Except the helmets don't isolate them until Kazuya turns the music up when selecting the first savior. He was telling them to put the helmets on because the game could not be started until they have done so.

      There is also something Kazuya says that leads me to believe they there couldn't possibly be a rule against the chant. In chapter 38 when he calls the henchmen over he says "This is just... cause I though of something." The possibility of using a cheer to instill a blind faith in each other didn't even cross Kazuya's mind till he had to come up with an explanation for how they could be so steadfast when faced with the possibility of death. The idea was so dumb to him that he would have never though of it otherwise.

      So yeah of course he was pissed, he just lost the gamble. If he didn't intervene they would have coasted to the end and won, proving him wrong and toppling his world view. They made him look like a fool. So now, to get the results that he wants, he has to manipulate them, which effectively ruins the experiment.

      And yeah you are right ts is fairly straight forwarg, however you are the one looking at it wrong. Kazuya's actions are not supposed to be justified. So why would FKMT have the asian three cheat which would justify Kazuya's cheating? He wouldn't. It wouldn't make any sense. The entire point of this arc thus far is that Kaiji is right, true friendship can exist, and Kazuya can only "prove" his twisted view of humanity by meddling in the situation unfairly because he is a giant child.

    5. "16 ROUNDS TO GO"
      "16 ROUNDS TO GO"
      "16 ROUNDS TO GO"
      "Hey what do you think you're doing!? Put the helmets on! Right now!"

      The entire experiment is indeed a test to see if even the deepest of friends can be coerced to kill each other over the threat of betrayal leading to death and the boon of receiving a large amount of money for betraying. Isolation. It was never intended for Kazuya to have them communicate with each other after the rules were explained. That would void the game if they could talk to each other and reassure themselves or give some kind of code to help them in the game before hand. What would even be the point of playing this game if everyone would just do something like that? As Kazuya said, they aren't even playing the game.

      I will say that he is at fault by way of his Henchmen by not isolating them better before the game began. That much is his loss.

      "The idea was so dumb to him that he would have never though of it otherwise. " No, he instructed his henchmen to tell him if they said anything that would be construed as a strategy or anything of merit. His henchman said he didn't think anything of the chant so he decided not to say anything. But the instant he told Kazuya, he knew what it meant, which means it was of merit, which means it's the henchman that screwed up.

      Kazuya didn't want to meddle in the situation. But he knows all too well that people do mistrust each other. He's seen it so many times, he has a sense for these things, which is why he knew instantly that something was up when their faces didn't change. That remote control with all the little switches he made wasn't made so he could cheat. He clearly said he didn't want to have to use it. It was made to balance the scales if something unexpected happened. He can't have them walk out with 100 Mil without them feeling the true fear of the game.

      Then again. We have no idea if he will use that remote control again in the later rounds. Will he use that remote control to kill them if they genuinely get to the very end just to prove a point to Kaiji, or will they betray each other before then? Or, will they prove to Kaiji that friendship can win out in the end.

      I think it would make sense for Fukumoto to do something like this. At the end of 17 step Minefield when Kaiji and Kazuya were talking the car, Kaiji said he felt that Kazuya was somehow going to be fair. Like his old man, he didn't agree with them, but he was fair. I think it's all tying into this assumption that Kaiji has about the Hyoudou family. Although, I think the rotten apple may have fallen a bit far from the infected family tree.

    6. The henchmen couldn't isolate them before the game began because they didn't have a way to control the music in the helmets. The music isolates them, not a rule against talking. A rule against talking would be redundant.

      Also, he asks his henchmen if they made some sort of agreement after the fact, when he was trying to figure out why they were so unaffected by thoughts of possible betrayal. It's not like he told the henchmen before the game to alert him if anything like this happened.

    7. Also, just because Kazuya doesn't believe himself to be cheating and instead thinks he is acting fairly, just leveling the playing field, doesn't make it so. We already know that Kazuya is wrong because of past gambles. Ishida trusts Kaiji to redeem his ticket for the money, then falls to his death without screaming because he doesn't want to upset Kaiji. Endou, despite later fucking Kaiji over, trusts in him and gives him the final loan, even though if Kaiji fails it mean years of slavery in Hyoudou's underground mines. This arc isn't about the mystery of whether of who is right, Kazuya or Kaiji. The purpose of this arc is to show us the type of person Kazuya is.

      His entire deal is that he twists reality to be in-line with his own twisted views. The only times he is ever correct is when he meddles in the situation, which makes sense. He has a conclusion in mind and manipulates the situation so that such a conclusion will be reached. This is how he accurately assesses the situation after he causes Mitsuyama's belt to malfunction. However, when he does not directly meddle, he ends up being wrong. For instance, in these three chapters he was totally off mark with regards to what he believed to be Mario's attempted betrayal

      Don't think that I don't like that Kazuya is cheating. If he didn't this arc wouldn't be very interesting at all. But there really isn't much room for ambiguity with regards to his character.

  3. So exciting and tense, holy shit. Thanks for multiple chapters at once, again. It really hits the spot.

  4. Things are finally heating up now! Four more rounds to clear, well essentially only three since the last round removes the Prisoners Dilemma which is the main drive force for betrayal

    Also: This Round finally gives Mitsuyama enough Money to clear his Debt. However, that also means that this round is the High Water Mark. Clearing it will be hard but if they do it, i'd say they are over the biggest obstacle

    In that regard, Chang would be the worst Person to be the Savior in this Round.

    1. Actually I think Mitsuyama would be the worst person to be savior this round and Mario would be the best. Correct me if I am wrong but we never got Mitsuyama's back story. As we've seen time and time again int Kaiji universe, you are basically screwed once you become an actual, likable character. Also, though Chang and Mario were both so willing to sacrifice their organs to save Mitsuyama in the beginning of this arc we never really saw him do anything for his friends... I'm not sayiing Chang won't betray the group after all that's happened but I trust Mitsuyama even less. Hopefully Mario will be savior again this round. He appears to be the least money hungry out of them all!

  5. Thanks so much for the chapters

  6. Chapter 52 has a typo in its filename ("Tobkau").

  7. Another amazing three chapters! Thank you thank you
    Yet they always seem to end in cliffhangers