Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 48 & 49 & 50

Yes, 3 new chapters of Kazuya-Hen, with more on the way! Be warned, there's a pretty huge cliffhanger at the end of 50, if you care about them you might wanna wait until 52 or 53 or so. Anyway, it's been a while since we've had a triple release... we're trying to get back up to speed, so hopefully this won't be the last.

Thanks to Crump for the cleans (he did them so fast I didn't even know he'd done them until I asked) and to Tambur for the very interesting typesetting. There will be a mahjong night Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT) on the irc. Dunno about a stream on Friday, I don't really have much to stream I don't think.

Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50

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"In this game, if anything is to be avoided, THIS is to be avoided!!!"

So we talk about stuff that we already knew for the first 11 or so pages (though the round starts in that time) before we get to Mario's mind wandering to Mitsuyama's supposed actions in the last round and making him lose track of the time. I can relate, when there's something on your mind it's hard to focus on anything else, no matter how important it might be. It just so happens that the thing he needed to pay attention to was so important that it could very well cost his friends' lives, or even his own life from his point of view.

"It could have been an eternity or a single instant since you began!!"

Props to Tambur for the first two pages, he really went above and beyond the call of duty for the typesetting there. But anyway, Mario has no idea how long it's been since the start of the round other than that it's been over 13 seconds. The part in the middle with Chang's hand raising is probably going to come across as really interesting or really unneeded depending on how much you've thought through the game. I've seen comments asking about an earlier chapter where this situation took place, i.e. Chang raising his hand when he knows Mario below him is the Savior. I understood why without needing it explained, but it's certainly not obvious so it's fine that there was an explanation in this chapter.

So, as time ticks on and Mario still doesn't have his hand raised, everyone begins to take notice of it and start shouting at him. Must be pretty scary to be looking at someone who holds your life in their hands, see them not making any effort to save you, and not be able to do a thing about it.

"There's nothing left but death for those two!"

So Kazuya thinks that Mario is doing this on purpose because he has no intention of saving his friends, but of course we know that's not true. Still, for the same reasons that Mitsuyama "hesitating" last round affected the other two, you can see how Mario not raising his hand would very much imply that he's thinking of killing the others. Even if the round is cleared, this will most likely lead to more distrust amongst his friends. That might even be the reason why Kazuya made the game require so much concentration; it leads to situations like this, and allows for even the best of friends to start doubting each other.


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  4. 3 chapters at once is practically a necessity, considering the awful pacing of this. You'd get nothing out of a single chapter. Still, it makes your work all the more commendable. Thanks.

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