Sunday, May 18, 2014

Atsuize Pen-Chan Chapter 6

Hey, it's Pen-Chan! He's back with more wacky hijinks in this chapter! He has a new job at a Chinese restaurant, but his boss forbids him from playing mahjong, and none of his coworkers even like it! Can he find a way to play his favorite game even with these restrictions? Let's find out!

Thanks to Iapetus for the cleans, and to Tambur for the typesetting. I will be streaming something or other this Friday, maybe some Go which I'm really bad at, at 20:00 GMT (1:00 PM PDT). There will be another mahjong night the following day, Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT). We played practically all night last night, I pretty much did nothing but that all yesterday.

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 "Ah! That birdbrain's using up three of the birds!!"
I've been working on this chapter for like 9 months now, not because it was hard or anything but just because I started it when we first decided to do Penchan but then stopped when I wanted to start from the beginning. Then I started again when we were done with Chapter 5 but quickly had to stop because Kaiji and Akagi were picking up so quickly. So it feels good to finally get it out, but the humor has kind of worn off on me at this point. I remember thinking it was the funniest chapter when I first read it, so I'm glad we finally get to share it with the english-speaking world.

So I think the funny parts shouldn't need much explaining, though maybe the west rounds/north rounds gag might get lost on you if you're not a mahjong player. So just in case, in mahjong if nobody's above 30,000 points at the end of the last round you have to go into an extra 4 rounds as a kind of tiebreaker . There's a rule nowadays where if anybody goes over 30,000 during those extra rounds the game ends there, but at the time this manga and Ten were published that wasn't common practice. So for me who knew about this rule, it was hysterical that they took the mahjong table in the car, and then into the concert when they could've just resumed it later or something. It's been my go-to gag to reference when trying to explain why Pen-Chan is so funny to people who haven't read it, since I think it's still funny even out of context.

Also, I admittedly added a few jokes of my own to the translation that weren't in the original, such as the quote in the caption of the above picture. That one just came to me while translating it and I found it so funny that I just left it in. Also, the name "Kitty-Cat Dolls" is obviously a pun off the Pussycat Dolls that I threw in. The original name just translates to "The Meow Girls", which I guess would've been fine, but again, I just threw in my own joke. Very much a dated reference since this manga was written in 1987 and the Dolls were founded in 1995, but ehh, screw me for having a bit of fun.

Again, the rest of the jokes should be very self-explanatory, I hope the Kokushi Musou gag was funny because I honestly don't remember my first reaction to it it's been so long. Gotta love how Pen-Chan cares more about getting a Kokushi Musou than looking like a huge pervert in front of hundreds of people, though.


  1. YAY! We made it to the new stuff!
    This is so good.
    Thanks Sonic

  2. This is Comedy about Mahjong
    The Kaiji people should be pissed as 'ell but if you genuinely enjoy Akagi this is fucking Grade A stuff.

    1. I think they were more pissed off by "ten chapters of Kaiji looking for mahjong tiles that fell on the floor" than by "a single chapter of Pen-chan looking for a mahjong tile that fell on the floor".

    2. No one is saying that there weren't mistakes made with Kaiji, The Third group of 13 was never supposed to be a single game, the Friendship game was never supposed to be it's own focus. These things happened because Mistakes were made. But that is behind us now. The real gamble has begun. Why not enjoy psychic jokes about The Pussy Cat Dolls?