Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Akagi Chapter 201

Our cleaners have been blazing through these Akagi chapters at breakneck speed, but because Kazuhiko is busy with professional manga editing jobs we only have one chapter for you today. In this chapter, will Washizu's tenpai pay off for him with a Renhou... or perhaps even a Chiihou?!

Thanks to TA for the cleans, and to Kazuhiko for typesetting despite being rather overworked. There will be a Mahjong Night this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, dunno about any stream on friday, I don't really think I have much to stream this week.

"Monsters can sense other monsters!"

So, Washizu's first-turn tenpai does not pay off in the way he expects it to, since he is only able to get a Double Riichi instead of either a Chiihou or Renhou. But a double riichi is certainly no small feat given the incredible lead he still has (It's down to 22,800, but that's still a bigger lead than you could hope to come back from in real mahjong, let alone in Washizu Mahjong). The only question from here is whether he will have it dealt into, or, in usual Washizu style, will he wait around and try to draw it himself to kill Akagi immediately?

I know I've said this before, but the White Hole/Black Hole metaphor is so awesome to me, and despite this not being the most strategical chapter in the world it's still very epic. Akagi does, indeed, manage to defend against not only a Renhou but also a Chiihou by digging up all three remaining Peis and putting them in his starting hand. So we know he has a triplet, and the rest of his hand seems pretty good, as well... is Washizu just setting himself up for another tremendous failure to snatch away Akagi's dealer turn...?


  1. I still dont get why Washizu would riichi, if he does not get dealt in right away.

    His priority should be to end Akagi's dealership. Wouldn't it be better for him to just switch his wait by drawing, until he manages to get a tile which Suzuki has? He would have won that way almost certainly in 1 or 2 turns.

    Sadly there is no mention of Suzuki's hand, so i guess we will see in the next chapter.

    Thanks for your work as always!

    1. I am going to say this with as little cussing as I can. . .


      He wins purely based off of luck. If he didn't riichi he would have been able to switch his wait again and again until he got a tile that could be dealt in instantly.

      If he didn't riichi he could have avoided dealing into Akagi's hand without taking apart his tenpai with 100% success rate.

      If he didn't riichi it would indicate that he possess even the Smallest modicum of skill or general understanding of strategy.

      Washizu lives in the 33% of Mahjong that is derived strictly through luck, He can go out of his way to choose to make the biggest mistakes he could possibly make every step of the way and still find a way to win just because That's a thing that happens in Mahjong.

      Flow is real, Luck is real, and Washizu is a white star, A Moron, but a god damn white star

    2. Well he did trick Yasuoka into tossing his Ton in the hand with the double yakuman

    3. The plan was to deal a tile and hope for another tile to be dealt. I would like to point out this strategy is only useful in Washizu Mahjong, which he invented, and wouldn't actually have worked if 75% of Washizu's tiles were visible.

  2. My guess is that washizu saying that he's already won means that Suzuki has the 9-sou in his hand.

    It would be pretty funny if Akagi called a kan here and got rinshan kaihou.


    1. I bet you he loses in the long run