Friday, April 4, 2014

Akagi Chapters 198 & 199

And not too long (for us, at least...) after that dreadful cliffhanger last chapter, we have for you the next two chapters of Akagi! For these chapters, I wanted to do something different from what is usually done and have both chapters in the same rar, without even so much as a credits page separating them. Why? Well, you'll see.

Thanks to TA and Jatelion for the stellar cleans, and to Kazuhiko for not only doing a quick typesetting job, but doing his damnedest to make the typesetting something special! This is the first chapter we've had him back since his computer broke, and I daresay it's good to have him back. There will be a mahjong night tomorrow at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT) on the IRC.

Chapter 198-199 Link

"He's just like a black hole!! A black hole, from which not even light can escape!"
So, it really could have gone either way, here. Washizu made the gutsy decision of dealing a tile that Akagi very well might win on, and... after a bit of taunting, he does just that. And if it were just 2900, it wouldn't be too bad, but... there's the Ura-Dora. If the ura-dora hits any of his three closed triplets, it will be Mangan for 12,900 points. That will kill Washizu, without a doubt. And even if it hits one of his pairs, that will still be 7700 with 3 honba for 8600, which would kill him just as easily. Knowing this, Washizu relates Akagi to a black hole, consuming all that's around him. He's at his wits end, and all he can do is pray that the ura-dora doesn't help Akagi. And... it doesn't. Thankfully, it doesn't.

But this does not alleviate Washizu's predicament. He is still dumbfounded, and feels like all he's doing is delaying the inevitable. The metaphor where Washizu gets sucked into Akagi's black hole is frequently taken out of context, and even in context it looks a little goofy. But if you can look past that, I think you'll be able to understand his emotion at this moment. He feels there's no hope left, that he's going to die! At this rate, he'll die!! Die...!!

"Since I do not wish to die, death shall never come!"

This is it. I absolutely did not want to make anyone wait between chapters, here, and thankfully I didn't have to. And more than that, I made sure everyone was able to read these two chapters back-to-back. The flow from "DIE!" to "DIE!!" to "Die...!!" to "Die...?" is something I felt could not be interrupted by anything, not even the clicking you'd have to go through to get to the next chapter if you downloaded it. Also, this chapter is a major turning point, so I thought if any chapter deserved something different, it was this one.

But yes, words cannot describe how awed I was when I first read this chapter. It comes out of nowhere, allowing Washizu to remind himself of how he felt back when he started Kyousei. I also just love how similar young Washizu looks to his model in the spinoff manga Washizu - Enma no Tohai. Washizu is pretty heavily delusional about just how powerful he is, but nonetheless it is tried and true that when he believes he will win, he always does.

I could go on for weeks about this chapter, but there's still more to come and I'm sure you guys can talk for weeks about it for me. But I'd just like to say that Kazuhiko's typesetting made this already stellar chapter all the better. Hopefully we can get the next chapter to you soonish, but it's actually a very hard one to clean so I expect it will take another week at the very least.


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