Saturday, March 29, 2014

Akagi Chapter 197

A new chapter of Akagi is at last upon us! In this nail-biting chapter, Washizu is torn between playing the 3-sou and 9-pin, which are both extremely dangerous, but extremely rewarding! But one of them has to pass... one of them is the right answer! But which?!?!

This chapter is the debut of our newest cleaner, Jatelion! He's done some of the best cleans I've ever seen, I actually had to tell him to lower the quality of his cleans a bit to get them out faster. A third of this chapter was also done by Iapetus, who is now back on the scene after recovering from his ailments. Typeset by the ever-available Tambur.

There will be a mahjong night next Saturday at 22:00 GMT, or 3:00 PM PDT. Also, our anniversary will be on the 2nd of April! I sure hope we remembered to do something for it.

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"If I sit around, I'll die! If I defend, I'll die! If I run away, I'll die!"

One of my favorite parts of the manga is about to begin, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride. Though that is by no means to discredit this chapter, this is what makes Mahjong Manga so thrilling in the first place; everything coming down to a single discard wherein playing the wrong tile could spell death and playing the right tile could spell victory. We don't get to see Akagi or Yasuoka's hands, all we have to work with is Washizu's hand and what he can see of everyone else's hands. And unlike a lot of Washizu's decisions, there's no *obvious* choice here, both of Akagi's potential hands could easily kill him. And it's not like Washizu has to deal in here, either, he's lost enough blood to where Akagi can still win if he loses his dealer turn. But that said, if he *does* deal in, it can only be with the 9-pin, as that's the only one that won't kill him immediately assuming it doesn't get any ura-dora.

So of course, he plays the 9-Pin, precisely for that reason. If I were in Washizu's shoes (and indeed when I was reading this the first time I thought of this), I would probably have to play the 3-sou in the end, since either tile could spell death. Not only that, but Yasuoka doesn't have to have the 3-sou, and in fact odds are better that he doesn't, based on all the opaques still in the draw pile. Not only that, but the threat of Suu Ankou is only dangerous if Akagi does indeed have the 6789-pin wait, so if you're not going to fold, it stands to reason that you're assuming he does have that hand and should play around it. But all of that is only a possibility, I completely understand Washizu's reasoning for playing 9-pin, since at least with that he could still survive if no ura-dora hit Akagi. Now, the question is... is his decision correct?


  1. That feel when you're playing mahjong and there's no room to run and fold.

  2. Holy Cliffhangers!!

  3. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. My guess is that Washizu will deal in with 3s but one of the opaque tiles will be 5p, making it only worth 2000. Whenever Washizu takes too long to think, he usually ends up getting screwed over.

    I think the fallacy here is that Yasuoka even has Akagi's winning tile. We saw Akagi do an unsupported riichi at the end of the fifth session.

    Also, what's wrong with folding here? Even if the hand is the suanko then Akagi has a mere two outs for the yakuman tsumo.

  5. Thank you for new chapter!

  6. Washizu is crumbling to pieces, holy shit. The end is certainly near.