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Kazuya-Hen Chapters 39 & 40

And to finish out the volume, we have for you Chapters 39 and 40 of Kazuya-Hen! In these chapters, Kazuya works out why the Asian Three are so set on clearing the game! Will he find a way to counter it?

Thanks to Crump for the speedy cleans and to Tambur for the fantastic typesetting! I will be (actually!) streaming more of the mahjong game about cheating, Akko de Pon! Ikasama Hourouki, this Friday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST).

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Chapter 39
Chapter 40
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"They can't go anywhere but straight forward!!"

So, Kazuya's still upset. His game isn't going the way he planned, as the Asians are dumbly going straight forward without stopping to consider their danger. That's when one of his Black Suits speaks up, informing him that the Asians did have a little cheer before they put on their helmets. Kazuya is pissed about this, lighting a cigarette for the sole purpose of burning his subordinate's hand, and so he does... something to counteract this mindset.

Now if you ask me, I don't think their cheer is so bad that it requires this much excitement. I don't think that after all that's happened they'd still be "locked" into a mindset, and the money hasn't gotten up to a point where they're really fearing for their lives just yet. So really, I don't think Kazuya really needed to do anything. If he was really confident in his game, surely at some point they'd start doubting each other and fearing for their lives. And if they didn't, well, that just means he got proven wrong. But more about that in a second.

"But that friendship will split open after this accident!!"

So, Kaiji is thinking that this round, at least, will go by smoothly. Mitsuyama is in the top seat, and he's the Savior, so he knows that he is. All he has to do is march up after 30 seconds and hit the button. But for some reason... his seatbelt does not unlock! Kaiji complains to Kazuya about it, but Kazuya says that it's a malfunction, and just part of the game. But of course we know that he's full of shit, and he set it up to malfunction for some reason.

Well, it should be perfectly obvious that Kazuya is rigging this round to cause a fracture in the Asians' relationship, so I'm just going to go ahead and speak my piece on that. One of the things that Kaiji always says about the Hyoudous is that although they're cruel and inhumane, they're always fair. But really, I don't agree with that at all. I think the Hyoudous are great villains, don't get me wrong, it's just that they are by no means fair. They're also not hypocrites, as one of the commenters on a previous post said, they never claim to be fair. Something that Hyoudou Kazutaka said in Season 2 to Ichijou is that you don't have to be fair, you just have to make it look like you're being fair. The only time that Kazutaka has clearly been unfair is on the Bridge, where he refused to give Kaiji his money, but he let Tonegawa take the blame for that and gave Kaiji a chance to reclaim his money.

Kazuya on the other hand very deliberately interferes with his own games to make them more exciting. Since the Boss character in his novel was based on his actions, we can also see that he allowed Arisa to break the rules and stab Tatsuya with her swords all at once. Tatsuya may have survived if not for that, but Kazuya decided to interfere. And here, he's deliberately making his chairs not respond to the button presses, because he doesn't want to let the game play out the way he said it would. While you could argue that these are not rule changes per se, you can't deny that he did something he said he wouldn't in both cases. So I'd say Kazuya's major flaw is that he doesn't try hard enough to cover up the unfairness. I doubt he'd do something like straight up refuse the players their money, but nonetheless he occasionally twists the rules to his liking when he's in the power seat, paying no mind to the rules he set up, just to make the game more interesting. 


  1. Thank you as always!
    You guys are the best for uploading Kaiji!

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  3. Thank you very much. I'm loving the frequent Kaiji releases.

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  5. I think it's more of a screwed up sense of "fair" than not fair at all. Like in the E-card game. Yes, they cheated, but from their point of view, a true winner would see through it, maybe as soon as game1. By giving him 12 chances they made it possible for him to survive and see through it. Kaiji said back then those 12 steps were not enough for a normal person to see through it, but thats the point, only a winner is suppose to win in their games, not someone with luck.
    Same with the lottery-tissue box thing. He not only saw through Kaijis cheating, but also cheated himself, but not only did he prevent himself from winning the first round to give kaiji another chance(since they both cheated) but also made it so that Kaiji could EASILY win, by thinking what Hyoudou would do(folding the paper or something like that)

    I'm sure something similar will happpen here.

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    Can wait for more Kaiji

  7. Kazuya is full of Shit. I was expecting him to be a little more nonchalant about the whole thing but as soon as things don't proceed according to his Masterplan he pulls stunts like this.

    I think what makes the Gamble different from all the others we have encountered is that Kaz really has nothing to lose.

    All the other opponents had their future riding on the gambles. It makes sense for them to cheat.

    This Gamble however is more about two different life views. Cheating ruins the whole point of it. Its like having a discussion with someone and the other guy just suddenly punches you in the face and knocks you out.

    At this point Kazuya has already lost.

    1. Normally they would act how Kazuya thought. However, they gave their own form of cheat to curb the normal procedure of this game. They obviously weren't allowed to talk before putting on the helmets after being explained how the game works. Mitsuyama cheated by pounding that cheer into them. If you look at it from another perspective, they definitely cheated.

      So since they started it, Kazuya has every right to cheat since they started it first. In Kazuya's mind this cheat is meant to re-balance the scale. He's not looking for people to die. He truly wants to see that terror on their face and see how they react. He is still giving them a chance.

      Also, if you remember correctly, from the get-go of almost every gamble, Kaiji's opponents didn't have much to lose. Over the course of the gamble, they gained the ability to lose everything. However, from the beginning of the gamble, they cheated. Kazuya hasn't cheated until now. Until he learned they cheated first.

    2. I disagree. Yes, Mitsuyama technically cheated, but if Kazuya's trying to prove his point that friendship is shallow and that people should betray for profit, then Mitsuyama's cheer shouldn't serve any purpose. It might even be a signal that he will betray first, by "encouraging" the others so that they don't consider betrayal and betray before he does.

      Now this change of rules, in my opinion, would be fair if Kazuya had told the three in advance- namely, that the seat-belt button might be randomly disabled to make the game harder. In that case it would be a better test of seeing whether the three trust each other, since hesitation might be attributed to the button not working, instead of thinking of betrayal. However, with Kazuya not telling anyone, it's unfair, since there could be no other explanation for hesitating.

      Anyone reminded of the "tweaked" games in Gambling Emperor Zero?

    3. It served a gigantic purpose. A purpose he stated that locked their minds together. A purpose that connected them to each other. You know why Kazuya turns up the volume and doesn't let them communicate between each other? Because he wants to create a rift and make them as individual as possible. Not able to be swayed by words or promises during the game.

      Once the rules were explained, the game more or less started for them. Mitsuyama speaking out and inciting a cheer that locked them together was completely out of line of what Kazuya expected and wanted. Once explained, they were to be audibly separated from what I understand.

      Also at the time he had no idea of the betrayal money-doubling rule when he instigated the cheer, so that is a moot point.

      As far as this change of rules goes. He gave them a chance to learn the rules. It's obvious that you would want to learn as much about the game as possible when you are betting your lives. All three of them became lax and just took in the rules that were given. Not asking what would happen in specific instances. I think this is a loss on their part. If Kaiji were posed this game, you can bet he would have wormed out every last detail. I think this was a trap Kazuya set up. Which is why if they asked about it earlier Kazuya probably wouldn't have hidden it, in my opinion.

    4. I'm an outsider, but please let me give my opinión. What you said was true, but in any case, the question "what would happen to me if we lose but I'm the one who survives?" is not somethig kaiji or anyone would ask.The question is poison itself. Even if you are trying to be cautious, you really don't want to know an answer like that, is better not to know something like that . Only someone who is already thinking of betrayal would do it. These guys aren't the case.
      I agree that Kaiji would have confirmed that any type of noises were forbidden, that's true. An if it were him the one thing he would not let pass would be the "malfunctions"situations, after all, he does have experience with that type of accidents happening.

    5. Sorry for the late response, I was sleeping.

      Yeah, I looked back and realized that the money-doubling rule wasn't there before the cheer. In that case it's true that the cheer could, strictly, be considered borderline cheating.

      I still don't completely agree with the change in rules being fair, however. Asking about the specifics of the game makes it more of a test of intellect, not friendship.

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