Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 33-35

2 Days later, and we have THREE new chapters of Kazuya-Hen for you!! I'm actually genuinely surprised, myself! This is all thanks to Tambur for speeding through the chapters while not cutting any corners in his typesetting, motivating me and Crump to work ahead of him. Seriously, you would probably not be seeing these chapters for a month if not for him. I foresee a month with lots of releases!

Thanks to Crump for the cleaning, and I already gave a massive thanks to Tambur. I would tell you that I'm going to be streaming a mahjong game about cheating this Friday, and that there will be a mahjong day this Saturday, but I'm sure there will be another release between now and then anyway. Oh, I guess I told you anyway.

Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35

"We're finally getting to the climax... the real deal!"

So we're finally back to the actual game, and it seems as though everything is all wrapped up. Kaiji thinks all the asians have to do is keep up their flawless strategy for 8 more rounds, and they'll have won. However, Kazuya thinks differently. I can write short summaries sometimes.

"Yeah, valuable! So valuable, I'd say it's downright scary!"

Kaiji questions why Kazuya thinks there's still more to the game, but can't figure it out, since all he can see is the one path to victory through clearing the 16 rounds of the game. Kazuya brilliantly reads Kaiji's mind, telling him exactly what he was thinking. But he also corrects him, saying that there's a second path, a path of Glory! Kaiji immediately jumps to the conclusion that Kazuya will be introducing a new rule (much contradicting his claim before the match that Kazuya is evil, but fair), which Kazuya shoots down. He then has his black suits take the asians to the interview rooms, where they will read a letter to them. Kaiji asks Kazuya what is written there, and Kazuya simply replies... a bomb.

"[The Savior has] the right to the money that would be on the table after clearing the round... twice the money that was already there!"

And here it is. The midpoint of the arc, where everything changes for the worse. Now it's clear why this is a friendship-testing game. Do you trust your friends enough to split the money with them, or do you let your fears get the better of you and kill your friends before they can kill you? Or maybe... do you purposefully kill your friends in order to earn an amount of money you could live on for the rest of your life? Kazuya certainly seems confident that the best option is the third one. But I'm sure Kaiji will tell him what for in the next chapter.

But as for the chapter itself, this is pretty much the reason why Kazuya is my favorite character in the series. Just look at how gleefully he talks about killing people, and how he doesn't seem at all guilty for making these people make these horrible decisions. He's just playing with his toys, and his toys happen to have thoughts and feelings that he also likes to play with. I guess it's kind of weird that I like him for it, because I'm sure that people read this chapter and realized how horrible he is, and now have him on their most hated villains list. But it's just, he's so blatantly evil, so horrible and nasty, so wasteful of his endless supply of money that he winds up becoming kind of awesome. If you still don't think he's that bad, though, trust me, he gets worse.

Finally, the thing about the money being doubled for the survivor. Some people who don't read too far into it might see this as kind of a rule change (I know there's been at least one spoiler in the blog comments that saw it as such) where Kazuya just decided to make the offer more enticing. But if you think about it, it totally makes sense given the rules of the game. If you clear a round, the money gets doubled going into the next round, where you must bet it again. But in the case of two people dying, you can't bet it again, so you get the money that's there after the doubling since you cleared the round. Since that's the case, then it's not like you can earn 200 million by betraying in the last round or anything, the earnings should still be capped at 100 mil, how much you earn by clearing the 15th and 16th rounds. From what Kazuya said in the previous chapter, they would have explained this had someone asked during the initial explanations, and it doesn't really come into play until the money gets to where it is now, anyway. So I don't see it as a rule change at all, just a clarification entering the second phase of the game.


  1. Chapter 35 link is the same as chapter 34.

  2. We still got one more background story of how all three of them met. I wonder how many chapters that will be.

    I think it will be very interesting if Kazuya calls for another interview between the last one and the last round (if it even gets there!)

  3. thanks so much!
    LOVE kaiji series so much!

  4. Damn, Tambur is a typesetting beast! Mad props to all you guys.

  5. Kaiji is the shit! I love it so much more than Akagi, personally. How many parts do you think the series will be? I'm assuming this match is all we'll see in part 4, which leaves part 5 as Kaiji vs. the son - assuming he wins... the only place to go after that is to fight the big boss himself. So I'm going to say 6.

    1. Nah, we're still only on volume four and the current game is halfway over. Wasting an entire Part on Kazuya trolling would be pretty funny tough

      As far as parts go, there is still the new number 2 and Mr. Pretty boy(yeah i'm bad with names) vowed revenge too, so i don't see this ending anytime soon

    2. actually its confirmed that series 4 is kaiji's last series.
      the author even confirmed this.

  6. The sweet smell of Kaiji in the air. I had forgotten how it felt, but it is good. It is good. You lot that are working of this translation are good men indeed.

  7. I'm so glad to see more chapters so soon. I love Kazuya more every chapter~

  8. I know this is really stupid, but I don't care if Kaiji loses the bet as long he has $3 mil left to return! Somehow Kaiji being a dishonest thief is worse than him being a loser.
    Thanks for the amazing new chapters =)

  9. Here we gooo, i was wondering why it was a friendship test, but now after seeing the rules for winning/disqualification/losing(dying) it all makes sense, even before the "hidden rule" They should have explained the losing/winning part better in the beginning, but now it gets really exciting. One of them, the one from the latest flashback, already said i think that he doesn't care about money and already had to deal with someone close to him dying, so he will certainly not go for it. For the other two...i can't remember their backstories, it has been too long...whoops

    But i absolutely agree that Kazuya is an awesome villain. What i hate in a lot of villains, both reallife and media, is when they are hypocrites. But Kazuya is the complete opposite, i love him for that.
    Of course, he's still evil, no doubt, for giving people such chances to begin with, but well, the world would be boring without guys like him haha.

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