Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 31 & 32

After a long two-month absence, Kazuya-Hen is back with the conclusion of Mario's backstory! Who actually killed José, and why is his money in Mario and Antonio's house?! All these answers and more in Kazuya-Hen 31 and 32!

Thanks to Biggums for cleaning, and to Tambur for a very, very quick typesetting job. Translated by me, instead of js06.

"Did Antonio... maybe... kill both Old Man José and Pedro...?"
So yeah, as a lot of you worked out, Antonio did in fact kill Pedro, but it was entirely on accident. Pedro was in the process of killing José, so Antonio had to do something, and that something wound up killing Pedro as well. That's all I have to say on this chapter.

But as for the quality of the scans, yeah, the pages are really really small. Biggums actually had to enlarge them a bit, they were even smaller before he did that. Tambur also purposefully made the text as big as the bubbles would allow him to hopefully make it easier to read. It's gonna be like this for all of Volume 4, so get your reading glasses out.

"Money's the same as garbage!!"

So at last, everything is clear, from how Mario got the money to go to Japan to why Antonio didn't want it. It's awfully heroic of Antonio to give up the money even though he easily could have kept it, but it does kind of mean that, from a storytelling perspective, Antonio died for no reason other than to make the arc sadder. I do wonder how Mario learned Japanese, though. I mean, he didn't really seem all that into José's lessons, and a language is not something you just pick up through osmosis. But I guess he must have paid enough attention, he doesn't even have an accent or anything; he speaks perfect Japanese.

And so we return to the present, where it is revealed that Mario has told none of this in his interview. But understandably, upon remembering this, he states that he hates money, and wants to win the game just so he can be rid of having to need it. At this point it's pretty clear that Mario and Chang need the money badly, and we already knew how Mitsuyama needed it. So since everyone needs it, it should be nothing but smiles and button pressing to the finish line, right? We'll see.


  1. Thank you such much.
    Great two chapters!

  2. Amazing plot twist, can't wait to read more!