Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 38

I actually should have had this chapter up days and days ago, but I recently discovered Dangan Ronpa and have been obsessed with it for the past 4-5 days. I tend to get super, super obsessed with things that I'm interested in, that's probably part of the reason I've been able to keep an interest in FKMT for so long. But it's not like I would've made the process that much faster by putting up this chapter when I was supposed to, anyway, the cleans for the next chapters aren't ready, still.

That aside, thanks to Crump for the cleans and to Tambur for the super-fast typsetting. Negative thanks to me for sitting on this for so long. I'll be streaming that mahjong game about cheating again this Friday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST), and there will be a mahjong night the following day, Saturday, at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST).

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"Are you herbivores or something, you idiots?!"

So, Kaiji is confused. He doesn't see how the Asian Three could be acting, he senses too much genuine trust from them. But Kazuya is convinced that it's impossible that they're actually feeling secure enough. However... he is proven wrong. The asians do not change their expressions when they are seated, where their faces are out of the others' views. This is inconceivable to Kazuya, and upon confirming with his men that there was nothing strange happening while they could still hear each other, he comes to the conclusion that they are as dumb as grass, not having any thoughts beyond what comes naturally to them.

Of course, it's possible that they are all convincing themselves that the others won't betray for the time being, but from what Kazuya's saying it's tremendously unusual that they're not making any signs of betrayal at this point. It almost sounds like he's had other Salvation Games in the past, and this is the first time any of his subjects have had this reaction. I don't know if that will ever be explored, but I certainly can imagine that.


  1. He said this was the first game earlier. That after he had the devices made he couldn't find anyone worthy of putting in the seats

    1. I think it relates to his sense of how people will react. I'm sure he's seen desception time and time again and betrayal in a ton of different ways. In his mind he's already mapped out how he wants it to end.

      From the beginning of the game he has basically been dictating how they will act. So he must have made assumptions based on his past experiences.

      This is an experiment after all. It's not surprising that things aren't going his way, considering it's apparently the first time he's seen a group of friends pitted against each other in this way.

  2. I guess they were just TOO worthy...I'm hoping that Kazuya stays wrong.

  3. Haha, this is great, finally he is being shown wrong. Or at least, for now. I mean, his theory that they are merely dumb and would betray each other if they were smarter "could" be true after all haha.

    But i think, you need a HIGH level of egoism to be able to kill the others. I mean, even if think you would want to kill the others off for more money, even if you know no one would judge you, in the end most normal people don't want to be their own feelings. This is what happened with Kaiji before on the first bridge race game. He really really wanted the money and thought he could sacrifice someone to do that, but when it came down to it, he couldn't do it, he couldn't bear to be someone who would hurt/murder an innocent person just for money.

  4. Everyone is grass before my lovely Kazu-kun~ but no seriously thanks guys for translating more of kazuya-hen

  5. Kazuya is funny af. Real talk.

  6. This chapter reminds me of the chapter in the previous part where Muraoka started to figure out that things were off and made a full-page "I AM DISAPPOINT" face.

  7. It looks like we are going to come at a concluding point for the asian three. Can't wait for the rest.