Thursday, January 30, 2014

Atsuize Pen-Chan Chapter 5

Yeah, a week of no releases followed by some Penchan. What a speedy group we are. But yeah, I think js06 is gone, I guess I'll have to start working double duty on Kaiji and Akagi, or maybe we could switch back and forth every volume like we used to, I dunno. But anyway, Penchan 5 is up, and it's... a little different from the previous 4 chapters.

Thanks to Iapetus for the cleans. I will be streaming a Kaiji DS Challenge Run tomorrow at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST), and Mahjong Night will be Saturday at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PST) on the IRC.

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"You have a rich soul. I really do... admire that about you."

So yeah, after the hilarity that was chapter 4, we have a dead serious chapter where Yamazaki gets stabbed and his social phobias are explored. This chapter kind of felt like a chapter of Rude 39 to me, it even had a middle-aged man hitting on a high school girl without being called a creep. Though as I mentioned for the first chapter of Rude 39, there's a bit of a values dissonance between Western countries and Japan in regards to age of consent and all that. It's still kind of unusual, but there's nothing socially wrong with a 38- or 39-year-old dating a high school girl in Japan. But yeah, I can relate to always being concerned about what other people think of you, and I suppose that it does show some human flaws in Yamazaki's character.

Still, the whole subplot of the Nara gang being after Yamazaki's gang was kind of glossed over. It's never explained why this gang is out for Yamazaki's blood, they just are. I guess Yamazaki needed to be hospitalized to open up to Pen, but still, it was kind of odd to me. Anyway, the new stuff begins next chapter, and it's gonna be a pretty funny one, too.

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  1. Well a release is a release, no matter the content! Thanks for them none the less.