Thursday, January 16, 2014

Akagi Chapters 192 & 193

Pretty huge lapse between chapters this time, at least there's two of them. But yeah, in these chapters, can Akagi pull his Tenpai back together and get a hit on the exposed Washizu? Or will it end in a draw? Or maybe... will Washizu Tsumo?!

Thanks to Iapetus for the cleans of 192, to TA and Tambur for the cleans of 193, and to Tambur for the quick and enthusiastic typesetting on both! I will be streaming Kaiji DS tomorrow at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST), and we will be having a Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors beta testing session the following day at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST). Both of these events will use the IRC.

Chapter 192 Link
Chapter 193 Link

"Thanks to that, his life was prolonged!!"

I'm aware that this is a pretty boring chapter, which is why I insisted that we release it alongside 193. There's not really any juicy metaphors or tricky developments, Akagi just gets to tenpai at the end and everything before that was commentary on what happened in 191. I guess you could criticize Fukumoto for chapters like this where not much really happens, but he still provides a lot of introspection to the characters and the situations and stuff. I still think it's kind of silly that 8 pages were spent talking about how amazing it was that Akagi didn't just gamble on a hunch that may or may not have panned out, even going into the very nature of intuitions and stuff like that. I suppose you might call this the calm before the storm, though.

"As long as his heart still beats, he will fight! Fight until his last drop of blood is spilled!"

I say this chapter more than makes up for the last one, though. We've got a very juicy metaphor and the round is concluded with Akagi's 6400-point direct hit. Before that, though, Ohgi comes to terms with why he wanted Akagi to riichi, and I guess it makes sense. After 5 and a half Hanchans of nonstop pressure, you'd really want it all to end, too, probably. So even if it was a bit unreasonable, I get why he wanted it.

Of course, the star of this chapter is the metaphor with Akagi on the battlefield. A lot of the metaphors in Akagi are taken out of context and mocked for their goofiness, but I don't really see how you could do that with this one. The battlefield metaphor in Kaiji was goofy because Kaiji was just standing around staring into space, but this one just has Akagi being a badass with blood running down his face and stuff. I guess in a manga with tons of goofy metaphors, you expect every metaphor to be goofy, which I don't think this one is. But I'm sure the people on tumblr would love to correct me.

It's a bit sad that after all that, Washizu still draws Akagi's winning tile and has to play it because of his Riichi. Akagi's hand is almost entirely transparent, too, so it's especially awful for Washizu because of how obvious it was. But still, his Riichi did lessen the impact by 12,800 points (he would've dealt into a Dealer Haneman or even Baiman had he not riichi'd), so I guess that's something to be happy about for team Washizu. And for team Akagi, we have Akagi's offhanded dismissal of Washizu's clear despair by saying "You're not dead yet, you know". I'm team Akagi, so that was the best part of the chapter for me.


  1. This reminds me of a recent game I had on Tenhou where a guy was down to 200 points while everyone else was over 30k in a very tight race to first. It was South 2 and he had just lost his dealership to a mangan ron. Midway next hand, he decided to just defend while the rest of us hurried to tenpai; the guy died from noten payments.

    He may look like a quitter at first glance, but he wasn't. Instead of calling and scrambling for a trash tenpai (cutting multiple risky tiles in the process) to save himself, he realized the situation and gambled his life that one of us would deal into the other. Even at the last row of discards, when I dealt a live xia, he just broke up his own xia triplet and never faltered. I respect his determination.

    Never give up or lose your mind. After all, in Private Akagi's spot, the reinforcements might be a minute away.

  2. Pretty huge laps between kaiji chapters too amirite

  3. Great work, thanks!

  4. That was interesting seeing Akagi playing in that particuliar fashion.

    I hope things won't become too easy after that, it's like tables have progressively turned and Washizu is now the one in a dire situation. Well Akagi can die if Washizu gets back to extreme luck mode again but still....