Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 28-30

Hey guys. After a long hiatus, we're back with the last three chapters of Volume 3 of Kazuya-Hen! The onus on the delay is entirely mine, so please continue to appreciate the efforts of the others on the FKMTkrazy. Js06 for the translations, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

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Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30


Mario's backstory, a childhood stuck in the landfills of the Philippines. Personally, I had no idea that people lived like this, though when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. There are always those at the bottom on the ladder. As a kid, it might have been okay, but when you grow up, like Mario did, reality hits hard. If anything, Antonio is the odd one out for being to optimistic despite his unfortunate circumstances. I can really admire his ambition/curiosity to learn Japanese though. If you live such a depressing life, you have to look forward to something. Mario thinks it's a waste of time and effort, but Antonio believes that God is watching, looking for someone to give an opportunity to.

Pedro looks like a really creepy version of Kaiji.

A hidden stash! Of course think also makes sense. I doubt that Old Man Jose was living primarily on the kindness of Antonio. The fact that Pedro was there with them is a anomaly though. Both their reactions are appropriate, as I'm sure both of them would take any chance they get to get out of the literal trash heap that is their home. I find it amusing how Mario simply cares not about the money though, he simply looks on as they beg. Old Man Jose also turned out surprisingly kindhearted, for considering to give out the last of his funds. He would have nothing to live off if he gave it away! Antonio proves that his heart is pure by showing up less to bother him less, unlike Pedro's blatant brown-nosing. So when Old Man Jose shows up dead, and Pedro is missing, we all know who the prime suspect is.

Reality had finally caught up to him.

Poor, poor Antonio. Having his hopes raised so much and crushed so mercilessly. It would break many people. A tragedy like his didn't have to happen but the way he was like, something was bound to happen sometime or another. Still, a tragedy is a tragedy, and I can only imagine how anguished Mario is. And in his anguish he punches the ground so hard that he breaks the floor. What strength. And when he finds that Old Man Jose's box of cash is in their house, the questions start flying. Why is it in the house? Is there a different reason why Antonio is sad? And where did Pedro go?

And then someone knocks.


  1. Awesome release! I love coming to this website and seeing Kaiji releases! Almost as much as akagi. Thanks so much for the releases!

  2. Yes more Kaiji, this story takes place in the middle of a trash mountain, but this thing is actually pure gold!

  3. Thanks again.

    ...although it ends in a very intriguing cliffhanger. Did Antonio murder Pedro AND Jose to get the money but regretted it from day one? Something else? I don't have a clue. It'll be interesting to see the resolution.

    On the other hand, depending on how this turns out, I think it might give Mario a strong sense of "never trust anyone" (even his own brother was a scheming murderer) or "good deeds will be rewarded" (Jose somehow managed to sneak the money for Antonio to find later on as a thanks for his previous support, while Pedro killed him after finding out the money was gone).

  4. I don't think he murdered Pedro. The body was never found, right? Why would he hide one body and leave the other just there?

    1. Don't be too sure. It would be odd if Jose just disappeared since he has trouble walking and Antonio could have hid Pedro's body to throw suspicion of Jose's murder off him. I mean, as long as Pedro's body wasn't found most people would think that Pedro just ran off with the money. On the other hand it is possible Antonio waked in on Pedro murdering Jose and then killed Pedro in self defense or something XD

    2. Maybe he discovered Joses body, went to Pedro to see if he was responsible. As accusations get thrown around they fight, he kills Pedro and hides the body, hurries back to Joses hut but at this point a few people have already shown up.

  5. omg thank you so much!!
    I'm so curious to what happened.. I'm seriously way too anxious lol
    thanks FKMT!

  6. 3 chapters. 0 Kaiji. 100% disappointment. Can't wait when this story gets back on track.

  7. Anymore Kaiji soon?

  8. Please scanslate more kaiji!!

  9. I really don't mind about the backstories, I think the're pretty interesting.