Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Release: Akagi Chapter 191

Merry Christmas, everyone! Instead of opening presents and spending time with your family, why don't you sit down and read some Akagi? Sounds like a plan! Yeah, I was planning on making Pen-Chan Chapter 4 the christmas release, but we got a new typesetter for Akagi and he worked so hard to get this out before christmas so I figured it was for the best. He's still learning, so go easy on him!

Thanks to Tamburs for the typesetting, and to TA for the ever-consistent cleans. Mahjong Day will be this Saturday the 28th at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST). Again, if I'm not there, feel free to have it without me and just post your scores on the Mahjong Night Standings blog page.

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"Find a wave and ride it!"

I'm just gonna skip over the summary of the chapter (like you really need it anyway) and just get to my impressions. I wouldn't say that Akagi tsumo-ing would be such a bad thing, even if Washizu didn't riichi. It might still be the best thing for Akagi to get his Mangan Tsumo, considering that it's very possible that Washizu could still deal in. I don't criticize Washizu for his decision to Riichi, but I don't think it's necessarily proven to be the best decision here, especially if he ends up dealing in later on.

Speaking of Riichi decisions, I also didn't really understand why Ohgi was so adamant that Akagi should riichi with his lousy 1-man 6-sou double wait. Sure, if it worked out it could be a Haneman direct hit, but the chances of that are small considering that the 1-man is Washizu's winning tile, so the only way that could happen would be if Washizu drew the 6-sou, of which there are only 2 (or maybe less if Suzuki has the opaque one). He should at least hold out for something to stick to the 6-sou so he can get a better wait (even a closed 7-sou would be better in this situation) before riiching. But more than that, Washizu has also riichi'd, so there's no question that he's in Tenpai. One thing that he definitely can not afford to do is deal in, so leaving things up to chance when it's for sure that the enemy is ready to go out is insanity. Akagi has gone into riichi without guarantee of victory before (see: 5th Hanchan, South 4th Round), but only because he knew Washizu's flow had flatlined, and he had a good wait. This is a bad wait, and Washizu's flow is still going pretty strong, so it's hard for me to even imagine why Akagi would consider riiching. The 1-Man sticking together in Akagi's hand could be a sign of either good or bad flow, we don't know yet.

Well, actually, we do, because Akagi draws Washizu's winning tile on his next draw, forcing him to break up his (lousy) Tenpai. It's still got a chance for success if he can draw something else around the 3445 man shape, but for now Washizu is the only one ready.


  1. Thanks for the chapter! Ah, murderous Washizu, how I've missed you...

    And I agree that Akagi calling riichi on his 1m/6s wait is a crappy idea. If you look at the panel with Sukuzi's pond (should be on the page right before the raft), there's a 6s on his second row of discards, after an 8m. Since Akagi has the opaque 6s, it's a hell wait.

  2. Thanks for the Christmas gift! Well you can assume that Akagi will always do the opposite from Ohgi's thoughts. And I wouldn't have reached either.

  3. KILL...!

    Nice to see good ole Washizu.