Saturday, December 21, 2013

Akagi Chapter 190

I guess we're just on a roll here with the christmas season, and we should be getting lots more done here very shortly, as we've got a couple new typesetter applicants. In this chapter, we see whether Washizu's riichi was a good idea, or if it was a horrible mistake!!

Thanks to Iapetus for the cleans, and to TA for stepping up to typeset in the absence of Kazuhiko. Mahjong Day went well, let's try for another this Saturday at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT).

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"Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack and kill Akagi!!"
So, Washizu charges forward, not unlike a bull charging at a matador out of fear. He must attack, for he is in a do-or-die scenario, with nowhere to run! And in doing nothing but attacking... He has sealed off Akagi's 1-Man, successfully! Indeed, Akagi cannot accept the tenpai he drew this chapter, as if he were to do so, he would deal into Washizu's 1-4 Man wait! So naturally he must reject this tenpai and play something else. And lo and behold, had he kept that tenpai, Washizu would have dealt in on the very next draw with the 8-Pin! Of course, Washizu would have probably went around it at that point, since he wouldn't be in riichi, but nonetheless it would have caused him to break up his tenpai, giving Akagi a chance to screw him over. Oh, and did anyone else have flashbacks to DKaiji when they saw this page?

Of course you did. Don't deny it.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Yay and we all had those flashbacks ^_^

  3. Very nice chapter!

  4. Washizu realizes that if Akagi draws the 2 Man and deals the 6 pin then and then if the flow is with Akagi which since Washizu drew the 8 pin it clearly is his next draw will be the 3 Man and then there really is absolutely nothing he can do.

    He sees that right?

    1. Regardless of what he sees, all he knows is that he needs to seal akagi's hand. Making him hold that 1 man means he has to build his hand around it, which limits his options to diversify his hand slowing his progress. He's trying to stall akagi while him or suzaki draw his winning tile, or suzaku completes a hand of this own.