Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Akagi Chapter 189

Man, what a terrible time to have to delay the next chapter due to final exams! They're not over yet, but this is the first chance Kazuhiko has had in a long time to get any manga chapters done, and I'm very grateful he didn't just pass out from being overworked. But yes, the cliffhanger will be resolved in this chapter, wherein we see if Yasuoka truly is willing to betray a man he has known for 6 whole years!

Thanks to TA for the fantastic cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the stupendous typesetting. NOTE: I will be streaming the last chapter of the Ten PS2 game, the Akagi Persuasion Arc, this Friday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST). It's going to be the last stream I do for a month, so I hope you all come and see me as I attempt to voice-act all the parts myself. Mahjong Night will also be this Saturday at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST), as usual.

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So, uh, yeah, Yasuoka counters Washizu's bribery pretty easily, after 4 pages we've moved on from it. I never intended such a long wait between these chapters, it was just kind of bad timing to release the last chapter while everyone was buckling down for finals. Got everyone kind of worked up for nothing.

Of course, Washizu thinks that the only problem was that Yasuoka was able to show off in front of his friends by turning down the offer. After all, every other person he's ever bribed has been persuaded by much less than the 100 Mil he offered Yasuoka, so there's no reason for him to think it could possibly just be because Yasuoka cares enough about Akagi to not throw his life away for some quick cash. It's kind of nice to see someone who DOESN'T betray their allies to their faces in a fkmt manga when given the opportunity.

Nevertheless, Washizu just goes and draws his Tenpai on the next turn. It's by no means the best Tenpai, he does need to riichi for it to have any Yaku, but nevertheless he can now Tsumo. It's a shame he didn't draw the 6-man so he could get San Shoku, but he'll just have to hope that Suzuki draws the 1-4 Man, or that he draws it himself. He can't riichi, obviously. If he does, he'll just be putting himself at a huge level of risk. And Washizu doesn't take risks against Akagi. Not with this big a lead. He can't riichi. He can't! CAN HE?!

Yes, he can. While this riichi is not going to make him win any more easily than if he had gone into a silent tenpai, it does coincidentally seal off the 1-Man in Akagi's hand. If he didn't riichi, Akagi may have gotten into tenpai and played that 1-Man, since Washizu didn't have any Yaku, meaning that Washizu would be in serious danger. But by sealing off that 1-Man, Akagi's hand is going to be much trickier to get to Tenpai; there are much fewer tiles that will be useful to him so long as he can't play the 1-Man. So while the riichi certainly does put Washizu in danger should Akagi get to Tenpai, it definitely is going to make it take a while for that to happen, in which time Washizu or Suzuki can draw the 1-4 Man and end Akagi's dealer turn. Will it work out? I suppose we shall see.


  1. Amazing. Ganbare Washizu!

  2. Totally out of topic, but the fifth part of Kaiji has finally started!

    1. I know that the link looks weird, but believe me, it works! You will probably have to copy and paste it if your browser doesn't recognise it as a link...

    2. Does that mean part IV ended already? With the end of that 3 asians game, I guess?

    3. Okay, this is a misconception that I kind of helped create. That's not part 5, that's just a rerelease of chapters 93-103 of Kazuya-Hen, which are part of the "One Poker Arc" or Hen. Kazuya-Hen, or Part 4, is still being released in chapter format in magazines, it's on chapter 104.

      I say I helped create it because Biggums was the first person to notice it, and I was skeptical at first but he showed me the link and I agreed that it was pretty convincing evidence. So I posted it to mangaupdates as Part 5, only later realizing that part 4 was still being published in magazine format. I tried to take it down from Mangaupdates, but apparently it's very hard to do that so it still hasn't been done.

      So no, it's not part 5. Part 4 is still ongoing.

    4. I shared this info about One Poker-hen on Tumblr because it felt important. Hope ya don't mind.

  3. Thanks! I had been anticipating this for a while.

    I'm surprised Yasuoka didn't bulge (I expected him not to assist Washizu, but only after a bit of "convincing", not out of sheer loyalty). Perhaps there will be a situation even more critical for Washizu and Yasuoka uses it get EVERYTHING (Washizu would rather lose 700 million than 700 million and his life)? We'll see.

    Also, about time for Washizu to man up. This will be interesting.

  4. Which box do I click in tenhou to play the mahjong game where you can call on the Pei to get an extra yaku? I can't read japanese so which number from up to down would it be?

  5. Time for Akagi to draw the second 1m I guess.

  6. Absolutely no one is talking about how freaking awesome The Cop was.

    Hey Washizu those guys that betrayed and won and became Gods. Not all of them betrayed some just died immediately. Right? WELL I'M LIKE THAT!

    Team Akagi For Life.

    Literally the only person in the room not gambling a damn thing. And he is totally just a follower of the Dark Lord Akagi