Monday, October 7, 2013

Akagi Chapter 182 & 183

After a slight delay, we're back with 2 more chapters of everyone's (well, except for a few stray commenters') favorite FKMT manga, Akagi! In these chapters, the South 1st Round, 1st Honba gets well underway, as Washizu tries to complete a hand without giving Akagi his winning tile, in the process! Thanks to TA for cleaning Chapter 182, to Crump Biggums for stepping in to clean Chapter 183, and finally to Kazuhiko for doing a quick and tidy typesetting job!

Also on this week's agenda, Akagi PS2 will almost certainly be coming in the mail Never mind, it came. I'm going to stream it this Friday at 19:00 GMT (12:00 PM PDT). I bet you guys are going to like it a lot. And as always, Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT).

In related news, Mr. Peng is currently busy with exams, but he assures me that he will have some new Kaiji chapters ready as soon as possible. Pen-Chan chapter 2 is also ready to be typeset, but I might just do that one myself.

Chapter 182
Chapter 183

"He'll discover the dire circumstance he's in... that he's on the edge of a bottomless pit!!"

So, the South 1st Round, 1st Honba begins, and already Washizu is being cornered by Akagi's hand looking as if it could be Tenpai. While he does have all the needed criteria to win with his hand, as has happened to him time and time again, the tiles he needs to cut are all around what tiles Akagi's hand could be waiting on. But now more than ever is a time where he needs to avoid all danger; dealing into a single mangan hand from now on will cause him to go bankrupt, then and there.

And there's two pretty silly metaphors in this chapter, one about opening up a fissure in solid rock with just your fingers, and another about Akagi and Washizu being in a race with the goal line much closer for Akagi than it is for Washizu, both coming from the master of prose, Ohgi. Nothing really to say about them, just wanted to bring them up.

"A dead man...! You're as good as buried, already...!!"

So, Washizu is forced to break up his Chun pair and hope for a Tanyao hand. He still needs to win a hand to steal Akagi's dealer turn away from him, after all. And even though Akagi was not actually in Tenpai, a fact that he all but declares by cutting the Pei from his hand, there is still no need for Washizu to go headlong into completing a hand. He has a major lead, so as long as he doesn't deal in he should still be alive. But if he can, he still wants to put a hand together to end Akagi's dealer turns. But by still trying to complete a hand and not completely folding at the first sign of danger, Washizu is punished. For Akagi's hand is actually a Chii Toitsu. A chii toitsu with a single wait, which could be anything Washizu has, and if we know Akagi, very likely is. So now, Washizu is forced to play tiles that have no guarantee, all because he forgot about the possibility of chii toitsu.

...Or is there something else Akagi's hand could be, even still...?

P.S. Kazuhiko would like to add that Washizu looks like an owl when he gives expressions to Akagi. Thank you.


  1. I reckon Akagi's gone for a riichi, iipeikou, possibly nan (I forget if we're in the south round or not) hand with a sneaky wait on 2-5 sou. By making Washizu unable to deal his manzu tiles, his two incomplete sets (or his closed triplet of 2-sou) will be the first to go

  2. Wow, this was obvious, Akagi's discards don't show a Nan. I imagine Washizu would be massively trolled if he drew the opaque 2s.

  3. Akagi definitely has three nan's in his hand right now right? There is no way he is going for 7 pair?

  4. Yes!! thank you so much

  5. Alright double akagi for the win! I love everything that you guys release. If i see a new post I'm happy regardless of what it is.

  6. I bet what Akagi drew was... the 1-sou that is a messenger from the goddess of victory.

  7. So, his hand is in the form :

    So Chii toitsu is impossible right? So the ? has to be a N, 1s, or 5s if he is in Tenpai right?

    1. Or 2s, 4s or 3s, although he'd be in Furiten for the 3s?

  8. I cant believe i never knew there were akagi and kaiji video games such a shame i cant read Japanese u guys at fkmt should definitely think about trying to translate the games and upload the roms looked everywhere for them an no luck so far!!!