Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 22 & 23 & 24

I know a lot of you out there are looking forward to this post, and so here it is. The next three chapters of Kaiji! Once again, thanks to Biggums for the cleaning, Js06 for the translations, and Sonickrazy for giving all the characters' dialogue personality.

Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24

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Kazuya is an artist

We last left off with the Asian Three pulling off a surprise upset, with Chang's ingenious signal working exactly like how he intended it too. They can't talk, but they can certainly celebrate their victory. Like Fukumoto's metaphor shows, they now have a strategy, a weapon. Kazuya takes this chance to conduct an interview on the three, which Kaiji thinks is a euphemism for torture. Kazuya groans, wondering what kinda of "image" he gives off. Well, in the last arc, he was willing to sell off body parts to pay back debts...seems pretty definitive to me. But in reality, Kazuya really is conducting interviews, in order to collect data for his novel. The interviews are pretty positive, and Kaiji thinks this is great, but Kazuya thinks that the worst is yet to come.


Turns out Kazuya was speaking a bit too early, at least he claims. Apparently he just "can't help" throwing cold water on people who are celebrating too innocently. Kazuya's words make Kaiji suspicious, and he tries to think of any loopholes to the signal the Asian Three have utilized. He can't think of any but that maybe one of the three doesn't really understand the signal. His worries are unfounded, but the next round, with Mario the savior on the bottom, he's much more worried. Kaiji doesn't seem to have the greatest opinion on Mario. I wonder how this round will turn out...

Ultimate Rafter Kaiji

Well wonder no longer because there's a third chapter waiting. In this chapter, Kaiji goes over how this game might lead to an interpretation of how trust can be measured. In essence, trust is needed for this signal to work because any hesitation on any part of the Asian Three would effectively render the signal useless. What's the use of informing everyone that you will press now if you don't actually do it when the time comes? In other words, you have to trust the people above you that they know what they're doing! And it seems that Mario understands this and trusts his two companions. Kaiji is elated, because now their resolve is unified. However, Kazuya is only too happy, and waits eagerly for the "problem" that will appear in the second phase of the game.


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