Friday, September 27, 2013

Akagi Chapter 181

Hey, it's way late in the evening, but I remembered I have a chapter to upload and upload it I shall! In this chapter, Washizu is appalled by Akagi's decision to give up his Yakuman... but does he have a reason for it...?

I think my first of hopefully many Friday streams went well, I might do Kaiji DS this friday if people are interested? Either way, tomorrow we'll be playing Mahjong at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT) on the IRC.

Thanks to Leoho for the cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the typesetting!

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"I was right behind you all along, Washizu!"

Yeah, so this is the chapter of the big "reveal" that people who know how Washizu Mahjong works should have figured out volumes ago. Frankly, I do think it's kind of ridiculous that not only Washizu, but literally everyone in the room apart from Akagi could overlook the possibility of Akagi aiming for Washizu's remaining stack. It was a major issue going into the 6th Session, but as soon as Washizu got his double yakuman everyone just forgot about it. I suppose Washizu isn't used to being in any risk at all with Washizu Mahjong, so it makes some sort of sense that he might overlook it, but having Yasuoka and Ohgi overlook it just seems odd. But I suppose, in the heat of the moment, you might forget such obvious things as that if you're not as calm as Akagi.

But one way or another, Washizu is now in on Akagi's strategy, so it should be even more interesting to see how (if?) Akagi can squeeze out a Mangan's worth of direct hits on Washizu when he's going to be completely folding each hand at the first sign of danger. 


  1. Thanks for the chapter! and the stream was very intertaining too I must say!!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by the stream as well. Was that sixth han-chan crazy or what?

    Also, thanks for the chapter, and the many other releases that you have done. They're really great.

  3. Hah, i knew it!!! Akagi's strategy was simple and should have been obvious... unless you kept paying attention to that huge point number....

    Thank you for your hard work!

  4. Yesterday's stream's 6th session's Sonickrazy would have no problems overtaking Washizu in plain points.

  5. Honestly I totally forgot about Washizu funds myself.

  6. Frick I totally forgot about the streams.

    Oh well. Thanks for the chapter!

  7. This next chapter will contain the level of MindFuckery that is the very reason I love Akagi so much

  8. Looks like it's almost over!

  9. akagi is a snoozefest...
    just watch the anime for crying out loud.
    please upload datenroku kazuya-hen instead please.

    1. Kazuya-hen is a snoozefest. Keep uploading Akagi.

    2. I'd like to imagine that whenever someone makes a reply such as yourself, the translators will upload a chapter from that series just out of spite

      So if the next chapter is also Akagi, you have only yourself to blame

    3. I didn't know you could like anime and be a bad person too. I thought we had a Bouncer? I passed by a Bouncer when I came in? Was that just a guy? Very confused. More Akagi please