Thursday, September 19, 2013

Akagi Chapter 179

After a minor break, we're back with the next installment of Akagi! In this chapter, disaster has befallen Washizu, but can he still return the blow? Thanks to Leoho for the cleans and to Kazuhiko for the typesetting, and also a special shout-out to Biggums for doing the redraws on 049-050!

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"A God of Death and a Goddess of Victory were hovering above!"

So, Akagi has drawn the Hatsu. Washizu is freaking out, because it means that he could get a Yakuman at any moment if Yasuoka or he draws in the final, transparent Hatsu. In fact, it could all end right now, if Yasuoka draws it! Akagi could pon, and then Tsumo on the next turn, bringing the point difference to just over 20,000 points! That would be like he was nearly face-to-face with Washizu, a step away from overtaking him! But thankfully for Washizu, Yasuoka does not draw the Hatsu. In fact... it's the opposite! It is not Akagi's partner who draws the final Hatsu... it is Washizu's partner!! Suzuki draws in the final Hatsu, as if being momentarily chosen by the Goddess of Victory hovering above the table!

Speaking of which, some of the more active readers might notice that I went with God of Death this time instead of Shinigami for our grim reaper friend, but only so it would sound better when paired up with the Goddess of Victory. If the term comes up again in a different context, I imagine I'll go back to Shinigami. But that was a pretty amazing metaphor, and very well drawn, might I add. Though I wonder if it was actually Fukumoto who drew the Goddess, and not Maeda Jirou or one of his other assistants.

So yeah, if Akagi's gonna win this hand (which it seems like he has to, since he needs the Honba) he's going to have to settle for a Shou San Gen. But it's not like that would be altogether bad in and of itself; even if he tsumos with a 7-sou now it'll still be a dealer mangan. But I do wonder about that 7-sou... he pointed it out near the start of the hand as the "underside" of the hand... does that mean the 7-sou was what he was aiming for, all along?


  1. Damn, the metaphorical pictures in this chapters were great.

    Thanks for the translation once again.

  2. More Kazuya-Hen Please! An Thank you so much for the chapter!

  3. aww, I can't stand watching Washizu cry : ( cheer up and finish that smug Akagi bastard!

  4. Alright more akagi! Keep it up guys! You're going at a great pace! :)

  5. FKMT DREW A WOMAN! AND SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL! I had always assumed he didn't because he couldn't

    1. Are you joking Megumi from Atsuize Penchan is hella cute.