Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Akagi Chapter 178

After some delay due to a lack of communication, we have for you the next chapter of Akagi! In this chapter, Washizu's hand rises higher and higher... but what of Akagi's hand...?! Thanks to Leoho for cleaning, TA for typesetting, and to Kazuhiko for QC'ing.

Mahjong Day will be at the usual time this week, on the usual day. That means Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST). I'm also thinking we should have another ABSOLUTELY NO MAHJONG day on the Saturday afterwards, where we mostly do E-Card. Last time we did it turned out to be pretty epic, so I think it's high time for another session.

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"If one of the two dragons moved its head higher . . . the other dragon would do so, as well!"

Well, Washizu's certainly right in that, unless Akagi draws in a Hatsu, he won't have to worry about him reaching Tenpai. But I do wonder if it's all that great for him that Akagi drew an opaque tile; he's been shown to be quite tricky with those, and if he does draw two hatsu, he might be able to pull off some tricky maneuver with that tile to get a direct hit.

But contrary to Washizu's hopes, the very next turn after Washizu follows Akagi into 1-Shan-Ten, , Akagi draws in that fateful tile, the one that everything in this round revolves around... the Hatsu! And he immediately seizes this opportunity, ponning Yasuoka's Chun and Haku to quickly reach Tenpai! Now, Washizu has nowhere to run; if Akagi draws another Hatsu, he might be able to get a Dai San Gen Tsumo then and there! All he can hope for is to end this round as quickly as possible to avoid that! Can he do it, or will he be forced to accept this Dealer Yakuman?! Find out next time on Tohai Densetsu Akagi!


  1. Awesome!!! thank you very much guys!

  2. Ganpai's guess: Akagi isn't even considering going for the hatsu. The chances of him or Yasuoka getting it are slim and while a Yakuman tsumo would shrink the difference with Washizu to 28000 (which is still a lot), a ron from Yasuoka would leave it still at 44000.

    His aim is probably a Shou San Gen direct hit, taking 12 millions from Washizu and leaving him with less than that left for the next Honba. They haven't discussed yet what happens if Washizu can no longer pay the direct hit penalty but it should mean the end of the match, logically. His wait: 6-9 sou aiming for the 9 sou that'll overflow from Washizu's hand (i'm guessing he got the opaque 8 sou).

    Well, that's my guess, i hope it doesn't get crushed next chapter. Great job on this one, as always!

    1. I think the protocol for what happens if Washizu loses all his money is that he has to bet his blood or forfeit. And being that there's not a chance in hell that Washizu would forfeit, it'll come down to blood v. blood most likely.

      Since Akagi has always wanted a true battle to the death with a worthy opponent, thematically it makes sense to have them both be hooked up for one last round, where losing is automatic death.

  3. My bet's on opaque 8-sou too. Not only is the 9-sou probably going to overflow from Washizu, but Akagi discarding the transparent 8-sou sets up a "OMG HE COULD HAVE HAD DAISANGENTENPAI BUT HE DID DIS SNEAKY KRAP. I HAVE BEEN PLAYED ONCE AGAIN. CURSE U AGAKI SHIGREU" moment, which is pretty much what this entire battle has been.

    1. See, the fact that 9-sou will overflow makes me this that is too obvious of a trap since Akagi did this to him several times. Washizu might remember the fake honitsu hand and never deal 9-sou. So I think the tile is 7-sou.