Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Akagi Chapter 176

Yeah, going pretty slowly on the Akagi front right now, but not totally stopped. We've got a new cleaner, Iapetus, working on some chapters of Pen-Chan right now, since that won out in the poll. I'm planning on doing the first volume from the beginning with that one, rather than skipping to chapter 6. I know a lot of you are going to find that unnecessary, but I just think it's going to be the best in the long run to have the full volume on our mediafire.

Anyway, a new chapter of Akagi is upon us, and in this chapter, Akagi moves two large steps closer to the Dai San Gen hand he so desires! Thanks very much to Leoho for the cleans, and to TA for stepping in to typeset this chapter! In addition, thanks go to Kazuhiko for quality-checking the chapter afterwards.

There will be yet another Mahjong Night this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST)! Be there!

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"Run for your life... make your brilliant escape, Washizu!"

I'm loving all the Akagi dialogue we're getting in these chapters, it's awesome to peer into the mind of the genius a little bit. There's a lot of talk of Flow in this chapter, which as I'm sure you've realized encompasses the belief that merely playing the best way you can play will bring you good fortune. As an example, Akagi completed a hand last round with the best possible shape for a direct hit on Washizu, whereas Washizu has been consistently taking apart Tenpais and hands that look worthwhile to avoid any sort of threat that Akagi presents. Akagi took his hand straight along the route that the flow presented for him, so the flow rewarded him with a Dai San Gen hand this round. Whereas Washizu betrayed his own flow numerous times in a row, causing the flow to betray him in turn this round. It's by no means a science, but people who play mahjong a lot certainly do feel as though momentum causes their hands to get bigger and bigger.

I'm also very interested to see how this 7-8 sou two-sided wait he just picked up will come into play later... is he going to aim for the two 9-sous in Washizu's hand if and when he picks up his two Hatsu? The wait is literally transparent, so to Washizu who's folding every hand from start to finish I'm sure that 9-sou will look very dangerous as Akagi draws closer. Can Akagi somehow disguise this wait, or does he simply believe that it will fill up very easily due to his ideal flow? I suppose we shall see.


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