Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rude 39 Final Chapter + Retrospective

At long last, we're finally done with all of Rude 39! It took us... good god, it's been over 2 years, hasn't it? Well, we finished it, probably to the delight of some and the sorrow of others. I have some new early Fukumoto works we can pick up on the side next, and I'll put them in a separate post. But for now, let's finish off this series with style!

I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who worked on the series to get us to this point! Thanks to Skutieos for his Cleans in c1-4, to Biggums for his redraws in 1-5, to Kazuhiko for his Typesetting in 1-5, and last but not least to TA for Cleaning and Typesetting this chapter as well as the two previous ones!

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Well, this chapter was certainly more intense than any of the ones before it... there were a lot of close calls and moments where you think it's all over, but in the end our prep school students pull through and overtake the Pachinko Pros by the smallest of margins. They call out for Katagiri, but he is nowhere to be found, as he has left them without saying goodbye. This is certainly not polite behavior. You might even call it... Rude? Yes, and to put a nice little tie on the whole series, Katagiri and Satomi walk away together, with promises that wherever they go next, they'll be Rude as Rude can be!

So yeah, I personally felt that the series changed starting with chapter 6, and I really can't say I fully enjoyed the change. It became more serious and less comedic, though each chapter did have a few funny moments. Overall, this series really doesn't compare to anything else Fukumoto has done, but I still enjoyed it and would like to do more of what Early Fukumoto has in store. And now, below the cut, some of my favorite moments from the series.

The first moment that really sets the tone for the series is right here, where we see that Katagiri isn't a stoic protagonist but is rather a very clumsy individual who gets flustered around younger women. And the phrasing of the page is also quite fun.

I just love the fire in the background in the second panel, especially combined with that brief moment of "uh, what?" in the first one, as if he isn't sure how he should react at first.

Not a lot of people seemed to get this joke, it seems, but I'll explain it again. Satomi's Dad is really, really mad at Katagiri, but in Japan it's customary for people to address their daughters' or sons' partners respectfully with "-san", even though he has no respect at all for Katagiri. So the long pause is him trying his very best to avoid using the honorific to show how stern he is, but he sees his daughter clinging onto Katagiri, so his manners get the best of him, and he says "...-san..." Katagiri's remark afterwards drives it home for me, where he's totally okay with Satomi's Dad dropping the honorific with him, seeing how mad he is. Just one of those awkward things with Japanese culture that can be really funny.


I just like this page because Satomi insults him in a passive-agressive sort of way and Katagiri immediately takes a complete turn from how he was acting before, now completely on board with Satomi's ideas. It really shows who wears the pants in this relationship.


This is just that kind of awkward Fukumoto comedy that's present in Kurosawa and Kaiji and elsewhere, but this one in particular made me chuckle. I also like how Katagiri wears the sunglasses for no real reason other than to look cool.

I have a poll in the sidebar and I'd like to hear your opinions on the series if you wouldn't mind. Glad to have another series to add to the collection, and hope to do more very soon.


  1. This is better than expected. As you said, the comedic parts were better than the serious ones, mostly because I have no idea what pachinko is like so I can't really connect.

  2. Thank you so much for pushing this serious out Sonic. It was a great little fukumoto story.

  3. Thanks a lot for the translation guys, and the retrospective was quite refreshing, I had forgotten how cute Katagiri was at the beginning.

  4. Replies
    1. I'd like to have more Pen-chan as well. I laughed my ass off for some of the chapters (like the one with 3P gamble and "international" tiles).